Step 3: make first card pocket

this pocket will hold lots of cards. follow the photo-notes on each photo.
My wallet. It has reinforced sheet aluminium siding so it will never wear out, the soda can tab chain hole is reinforced, and i have a duct tape holder that fits in one of the 2 card pockets. I may add another, but i ran out of yellow tape :(
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COOL! :)
unuseal but cool
<p>so good</p>
<p>Thanks for this! My old wallet gave out on me and I needed a new one in a hurry!</p>
My wallet from these instructions lasted two whole years. It's beat up now - sure - but it far outlasted my expectations. That one was pink; next one is orange...<br><br>Thanks!
Mine is fire orange
Mine is fire orange
Mine is fire orange
I love my new wallet
thank you for this awesome instructable
My first attempt i will shield my CCpockets with doubly folded aluminum tape.<br>Then decorate with wild coored Duct tape later
<p>I'm sorry but these instructions ARE pretty terrible, please add more actual text, I understand the hover over box thing, but it still doesnt all make sense</p>
<p>looking so pretty...want to make mine own... :) ...also pls teach how to make mobile covers or bags using duct tape... thanks...</p>
<p>We also made one. Very happy!</p>
<p>we made one too, thanks!</p>
I made it, but not as pretty. :D
was gonna make one in black with the pockets difrent colors but didnt have only black tape :(
i cant wait to have one like this
ive made a wallet but not this good! wow
i made one like it with one big pockets
You should add a step putting aluminum foil in the walls of the wallet, to block RFID.
doesnt the glue of the duct tape melt everywhere once it is warmed by your pocket ?
Here's mine. <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
wow you are truly amazing i have a duct tape business and i sell just duct tape wallets! but i have an idea but of course i give will give you a load of credit
Here's mine based off your instructions. <br>Once you the hang of how to make pockets in duct tape you can make any style of wallet you want.
Made mine all camo and longer than normal, then made this for my friend. I put money on one side then cards on the other in this type.
Hello everyone. If you would like to check out some wallets, I have a website. I am currently listing Bi-folds and Towers in many different colors and prints. If you would like to check it out, it is: junorduck.etsy.com. I am also on Facebook. I just got some orders for check book holders and I will soon be unveiling on of my own designs.
Those are cool! I like the tape you used, where did you get it?
you can do anything with duct tape :)<br>
made 2 today-- just want to say great instructable. great idea, and mine came out great
My wallet :D I've got one card pocket on the left and I made myself a money pocket on the right. Used little bits of Velcro to keep the lid down :L Doesn't look the nicest with the Velcro but it is useful!
for all you magicians out there: you CAN make a fire wallet from this. I don't know<br>if I have anything that can be applied to duct tape to make it non flammable, so I won't be making an instructable on that anytime soon.
out of all of my brainpower at that moment, I was stupid enough to forget about a chef's best friend: tinfoil. it's almost physicality impossible to burn.
Here is my Wallet. <br>It has a very Individual look and is a great starter for conversations. <br>Ive been using this for several months now, and its still holding, and will probably for the future.<br><br>Also, it holds all my cards and my public transport pass JUST the way I want it.<br><br>great 'ible, thank you :D
MAKE FRIGGEN DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOOOOOT CLEAR! I CANT UNDERSTAND A WORD OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. there IS directions. 2. they make perfect sense
erm grow up ? its so easy mate -.-
Really? I found this quite easy.
I do to think that it was easy. Deej827 I think should learn how to hover his mouse over a picture before going after a fine instructable. Also, he needs to learn proper punctuation and spelling, and needs to stop shouting.
i agree!!!!
heres mine<br>a little odd- i have made a billion<br>but it works well<br>i have the plan B logo on the front :D
thats fun!
i like the model but the cash slot isnt traditional<br>
is the window to see the bill just for fun? and the plan-b logo? or is there a special pocked for storing plan-b in? wouldnt it make more sense to have a prophylactic pocket instead?<br>

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