Picture of quality duct tape wallet
standard duct tape wallet with 2 pockets for cards. this takes about 30 minutes to make. i like it because you can customize to exactly the size you want.

the main trick to making a nice duct tape wallet that lasts a long time is to clean up the seams and edges - you don't want the edge of a strip of tape at the edge of the wallet, it will fray and the glue will get on your pants. i've pointed out all the places where we add an extra strip of tape to clean up an edge or seam.

oh, the other important thing is to use good quality tape. cheap tape disintegrates and the glue melts and gets all over. this is my third wallet - the first one fell apart after 6 months with crappy tape, the second one lasted over 2 years from good tape.

tape options: you can use good quality duct tape, gaffers tape, or reinforced packing tape. other types may work also.

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Step 1: Make "duct tape cloth" and cut to size

Picture of make "duct tape cloth" and cut to size
Most of the instructions are in the photo-notes. Move your mouse over the yellow squares to read the notes.

You will need to work along with the photos to build it. Click every photo in order and match your work against the photos as you go.

Step 2: Make large bill pocket

Picture of make large bill pocket
add two strips at the edge, then fold the main section in half

Step 3: Make first card pocket

this pocket will hold lots of cards. follow the photo-notes on each photo.

Step 4: Add second pocket

Picture of add second pocket
this pocket will hold a couple cards for fast access

Step 5: Done!

deej8275 years ago
MAKE FRIGGEN DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOOOOOT CLEAR! I CANT UNDERSTAND A WORD OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. there IS directions. 2. they make perfect sense
erm grow up ? its so easy mate -.-
Really? I found this quite easy.
armorlord4 years ago
Awesome ideas.. definetly something I will use to improve my own wallets.

I found this website that has a bunch of duct tape related items... people should check them out it's awesome
Garlikguy4 years ago
good instructions for us smart folk, and great wallet. needs a few revisions, but over allgood.
bfetzer105 years ago
some of these instructions were not very clear 
sparktech5 years ago
make instructions!!!!!
yokomolotov5 years ago
this is very fun project when you have cats. cat hair + duct tape = XD
bigfoot1015 years ago
 made one it was awesome and very easy for me. thanks for making this!!!!!!!!
13dwarf5 years ago
i like it but some of the directions are a little confusing
choren5 years ago
 This is a great instructable!  I made 7 different wallets last night using this as a base.  I liked the fact that the comments were right on the pictures so you knew exactly where and what you were to do.  Thanks!!!!!  
This not a  bad wallet. The dirctions are for peaple who can visualize it in there mind and peace it together can realy make this great
cmorton6 years ago
ya best .wallet quality good directions suck
no directions just pictures it is confusing add more details but nice job
knittinghen6 years ago
More details would have helped b/c this is pretty simple once you figure it out.
Nemiro6 years ago
Indeed. Smaller steps dammit! I have to run all around the web looking for youtube videos of other wallets, etc, in order to work out what you've done.
xDcal336 years ago
great wallet. the worst directions on the site