Step 5: Done!

You should add a step putting aluminum foil in the walls of the wallet, to block RFID.
chrisharne3 years ago
My wallet from these instructions lasted two whole years. It's beat up now - sure - but it far outlasted my expectations. That one was pink; next one is orange...

samthor3 years ago
Here's mine based off your instructions.
Once you the hang of how to make pockets in duct tape you can make any style of wallet you want.
evilmadcow4 years ago
for all you magicians out there: you CAN make a fire wallet from this. I don't know
if I have anything that can be applied to duct tape to make it non flammable, so I won't be making an instructable on that anytime soon.
Bommelding4 years ago
I just made one, it took me an hour but that could be because i'm only 15 years old and i have no experience at all with taping things :P
Good instructable :D
this is great! but i must have done somnething stupid...my first card pocket makes my cards stick to it when i put them in...just the very end of the card sticks
you left an open, uncovered part of the pocket, a sticky side, way down at the bottom

ethoo4 years ago
It is a good wallet. I suggest though you work on keeping everything smooth and neat. I guess I could consider myself experienced considering I'm merely 13 and have the neatness part down. If you aren't already, try using an exacto knife, a ruler, and a more efficient process.

best of luck...

Smasher5554 years ago
I'm going to buy some digital ACU camo duct tape at Walmart. (Hopefully)... And I'll let you all know how it turns out.
Nardo094 years ago
very nice work, this was the very first instructable i hav completed :D good instructions, but i think it would be better with clearer text. overall nice work
thisismin34 years ago
i made mine out of gorilla tape, very good ible, 13 and very experienced at duct tape wallet (have 7) and overall, good instructions, vague at times, but seems like it will last long, thank you
lost_sanity5 years ago
yay! i just made one but i ran outta duct tape half way throught :S

i haz clear pockets!
spazz_lmnop5 years ago
I used Gaff tape and its amazing
duckman6335 years ago
thank you so much i made it and it is great!!! thank you
macs_rock5 years ago
 For a first time duct-taper, my wallet turned out great. I skipped the second card pocket, because I really don't carry many cards with me. Thanks for the directions!
think ill stick with a paper wallet
JasonMyers6 years ago
I think I'll make mine with a few colors, or make a blue wallet and throw some multi colored stripes on it.
FiremanDave6 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to create this instructable. I can think of a couple minor improvements that I'll post next time. My fingers hurt from all the duct tape pulling. heh.
haha i made mine a lil diferent with clear duck tape and put comics inside and it turnes out great lol im just good with duck tape .
benboy4446 years ago
thanks heappps. i didn't have any duck tape at home, so i just used some wide, cheap masking tape. i really hope my wallet lasts, coz i spent like an hour on it.
michi1231236 years ago
it took my like 1:10 mins to finish and i screwed up on the second pocket
keithsachs6 years ago
mine came out reallllyyyy bad.
keithsachs: Let me see it then. Mine came out so that I had to cut the top off!
river1406 years ago
Hi! Well, it took me longer than half an hour to put together, but it is beautiful! I've made a few other duck tape wallets but they always end up getting sticky and falling apart. This one seems like it'll last. Thanks!
ducttapesam8 years ago
Theres a better way to do it.
If your talking 'bout how to present it, video. If your talking about how to make the wallet, I've got no idea.
pixiefix6 years ago
I like the color of your duct tape.
Supergirl16 years ago
this is awesome! any one can do it!!!!!!!
james15836 years ago
thanks for this dan i made a realy cool duck tape wallet

jessevc6 years ago
there is one part i had trouble with the 1 small square inside the big square that you can't read
dan (author)  jessevc6 years ago
sorry i fixed that part
symesy6 years ago
All you people who are saying there is a better way, then show us, don't just say it. I think this was a good Instructable, but could have been explained better. I still had no idea how to make one though. Stop saying and start doing it!
umm... yeah cool i supose but not the best and your suppossed to type whate to do