Quick and EasyThrowing Darts


Introduction: Quick and EasyThrowing Darts

Make a cool throwing dart out of things that everyone have in their homes!
if you don't get it, heres the video

Step 1: Wat U Need.

Rubber band(small ones)
Tooth Picks or match sticks
thats all!

Step 2: Step 1

put the needles in the middle of four tooh picks or match sticks.

Step 3: Step2

tie it up with rubber band like this

Step 4: Step 3

cut the paper into 2 heart shapes like this

Step 5: Step 4

put the paper at the back of the dart so it would glide in the air and u are done!



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    no no no... make one of these but replace the needle with a strike anywere match.. then you can throw it at ur fireplace and have insta fire! from the couch lol... "MOM GEMME THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER .....I MISSED"

    HAHAHA then you realize you just ate beans for dinner =P

    then what were they? waffles? taters?

    good question. unfortunately, i cannot help with that. perhaps they were waffles...

    they must have been waffles...look at his user name, "waffleicious"

    AHA! It would seem that you have solved the riddle. Kudos!

    But the beans weren't beans, they were waffles. How could that make any sense? Beans aren't waffles, duh. Haha.

    dude this is perfect... now all i need is a spring powered syringe

    thats a joke

     This is the sickest dart EVER!!!!!!!!!

    your tail design helped me make tails for my darts.(they were packaged with 1 dartboard, 6darts and 3 tails. stupid packaging errors.) i taped together the 2 pieces and they worked great!


    your dart is really cool :D

    right one man this is like ONE OF the best instructables ive seen.

    1 reply

    man,u for real? i'm flattered thx

    Dude thx for the idea. nice instructable.