Picture of quick and easyThrowing darts
Make a cool throwing dart out of things that everyone have in their homes!
if you don't get it, heres the video

Step 1: Wat u need.

Rubber band(small ones)
Tooth Picks or match sticks
thats all!
sk8erdude7 years ago
dont use strike anywhere matches (BURN!) lol.
no no no... make one of these but replace the needle with a strike anywere match.. then you can throw it at ur fireplace and have insta fire! from the couch lol... "MOM GEMME THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER .....I MISSED"
HAHAHA then you realize you just ate beans for dinner =P
Those weren't beans....
what werent beans??
obviously the beans were not beans.
then what were they? waffles? taters?
good question. unfortunately, i cannot help with that. perhaps they were waffles...
they must have been waffles...look at his user name, "waffleicious"
AHA! It would seem that you have solved the riddle. Kudos!
But the beans weren't beans, they were waffles. How could that make any sense? Beans aren't waffles, duh. Haha.
funny oo u
Huntman004 years ago
dude this is perfect... now all i need is a spring powered syringe

thats a joke
cubyrop35 years ago
 This is the sickest dart EVER!!!!!!!!!
peach_fart6 years ago
your tail design helped me make tails for my darts.(they were packaged with 1 dartboard, 6darts and 3 tails. stupid packaging errors.) i taped together the 2 pieces and they worked great!
sniper16 years ago
knexanator6 years ago
your dart is really cool :D
right one man this is like ONE OF the best instructables ive seen.
zorro3355 (author)  deer-slayer517 years ago
man,u for real? i'm flattered thx
Sgt.Bacon7 years ago
Dude thx for the idea. nice instructable.
Sgt.Bacon7 years ago
If you don't have any rubber bands, you can use some thread and some glue, such as hobby glue for model cars. you can also make them into blowgun darts. use like a 1/2 in pipe and take off the vanes and replace them with a piece of a cotton ball.
inventageek7 years ago
haha fun fun fun i made 5 of them and after a while of using them the needle fel out so just an idea but if you use a little bit of duct tape and wrap a thin layer on the tip in a cone shape then use a lighter and melt it on my needles never fell off again. also i lamanated the paper tails so if im usin them outside i wont have to worry bout the tails ripping or getting wet
try using gorila glue to make the needle stay.
yodasoda67 years ago
noice mate!
steed11727 years ago
cool =)
hey i meant really TIGHT on the rubber...
man these things are awesome. hey put a longer needle on it and then use stiff but light paper and make it really on the rubber bands. use toothpicks they add to the pointyness
not bad
sem_on1237 years ago
this is really kool i tried it it went straight to the target thanx man.....
minimalista7 years ago
i've try it!!! fantastic!!!
zorro3355 (author)  minimalista7 years ago
go to my see my other instructables. thx
i made a whole bunch of these but i use exacto blades for the tips. there awesome
zorro3355 (author)  shadowgravity7 years ago
exacto...what? what is that?
you know, like exacto knives, but just the blades
Mr.Bean7 years ago
damn i was about to post this exact same thing!
zorro3355 (author)  Mr.Bean7 years ago
lol,sorry then =)
no its fine. good job though
zorro3355 (author)  Mr.Bean7 years ago
thx=) peace!
JoeyJaroz7 years ago
this is SOOOOO much better than buying darts
zorro3355 (author)  JoeyJaroz7 years ago
well,i'm too poor to waste money on darts....so make 1 =(
zorro3355 (author) 7 years ago
IF yyou like this instructable,please visit my other instructables and give comments!!!=D thx!
nerfer1927 years ago
at my school we have to give up weapons for the day and get them back at 2:00 if you do this you wont get in trouble
alpha7777 years ago
dude I love this lol i almost got suspended with these i took to school on accident oops!!!
mythks 7 years ago
dude this rocks. nice dart its afordable powerfull and easy to make. and your instuctable is real easy to follow. thanks allot man
zorro3355 (author)  mythks 7 years ago
ha. i plan to make a lot more instructable that i have in mind. but my damn friend have not return my my camara and my phone camara is out of order .
pyrocreater7 years ago
these rock they are awesome try post it note for fins work better
zorro3355 (author)  pyrocreater7 years ago
really? ty i think that grossy photo paper work best.but its god damn expensive
andy608 years ago
excellent idea!! thanks a lot :D
zorro3355 (author)  andy608 years ago
thanks my dad dude.he teach me this .
joemonkey8 years ago
first comment! this is a cool idea! it would be cool to light the matches and throw it really high over water!
zorro3355 (author)  joemonkey8 years ago
lol i havent rey that becareful=)