Quick Easy Mini Light Sabers

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Introduction: Quick Easy Mini Light Sabers

quick easy mini light sabres using a small amount of items

Step 1: Bits You Need

for this instructable you need a glue gun or a glue stick, a piece of card, some scissors, a pen to roll the card on, and some costume bullets I had lying around.

Step 2: Cut the Card and Roll

firstly roll the card tightly around the pen and glue the seam, then cut the tip end off the bullet and insert the card into the end with a but of hot glue. save the tip of the bullet for the next step

Step 3: Kylo Rens Saber

to make it into kylo rens saber you just take the tips and cut the end off then carefully cut a curved half circle shape in each one then glue to the saber then roll up some smaller card and glue into place.

Step 4: More Ideas

now you could just add more details, maybe paint it black or even instead of card use translucent coloured plastic and add an led to the Base. I created these to go with a plush kylo ren that I got for a friend.



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