Introduction: Quick Easy Minipen

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Start with a Tul pen that you can get on amazon here: or just google it (it should be pretty easy to find it).

Step 1: The Look of It

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This is how your pen will turn out in the end.

Step 2: The Look of It

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This is what it looks like with the cap.

Step 3: The Parts

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You should get these parts when you break the pen apart.

Step 4: 2 Lego Pieces Added

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Plus 2 lego pieces you will need.

Step 5: Glue Needed

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And any old super glue.

Step 6: Step 1 Glue

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Apply glue to the inside of the cylindrical lego piece.

Step 7: Step 2 Insert

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Insert the pef half way inside. Let it dry.

Step 8: Step 3 Cut

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cut the ink cartridge (see picture above to see measurements).

Step 9: Step 4 Add

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Put the ink cartridge inside the lego peg.

Step 10: Step 5 Finish

Picture of Step 5 Finish

Insert the part you just finished into the front of the pen

Step 11: Step 6 Final Product

Picture of Step 6 Final Product

Now add the cap back on and your done!


brunoip (author)2011-01-26

I think the ink won't stay inside de tube for a long time...

DeadPixelz (author)brunoip2011-01-27

sadly it gets kinda dry but after a few scribble marks it will work again only downfall

brunoip (author)DeadPixelz2011-01-27

u have to use an almost empty pen

Kaelessin (author)2011-01-26

A clever idea! with a bit more fanagling you could even get it so that the cap from another pen can function as a cap for this one . . .that way the tip wont dry out and it'll look pretty cool as a couple of caps stuck together.

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