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longboarding is an easy fun sport to pick up. With less complexity then normal skateboarding, longboarding can be quite fun. A problem arises though due to the cost of equipment. If you want a nice board your gonna have to shell out quite a bit of cash. But why buy one when you can easily build one yourself?? Its far more rewarding to ride a board crafted with your ingenuity and sweat, plus the ladies love it! This instructables just outlines the siple press i use to make my boards, in an instructable soon to come ill show you how to press, cut and finish your board. Ok lets get to it!

Step 1: Materials

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Ok for this press you can use about any sort of lumber, it can be scraps, cuttoffs, just about anything. For mine i went to menards and grabbed three 1x1x8 pieces. For the threading i got four 3ft 1/4in threaded rods( i only ended up using two) . I gor a little baggy of 1/4 nuts and washers to fit.
lwulfe2 years ago
dude whats with the instructions its kinda hard to follow and way you could make jot notes with more precise instructions thanks