Quickmatch Fuse





Introduction: Quickmatch Fuse


Ever wonder how to make a simple fuse that actually works? Here are some easy instructions on how to make one that really does work. All the credit for this goes to skylighter.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need:

2" wide masking tape
smoke powder/ gunpowder/ etc. (I used smoke powder)

Step 2: Readien' Stuffses

Cut a strip of tape a little longer than the paper, and stick it as neatly as you can on the edge of the paper as shown. Cut off or fold over extra tape. Now fold the paper over an inch or two past the tape.

Step 3: Making the Fuze

Using the scissors, cut a strip of tape as long as you want your fuse to be. Now put it on the taped paper so 3/4 of it is hanging out over the paper(see pic.).

Step 4: The Fuse

Put your powder on the paper where the tape will be when it's folded down (see pic.). Now fold the flap down and press on the exposed tape to pick up the powder. Lift the flap to see where the powder wasn't picked up, fold it back over and press in those spots to get an even coating. Take it off and fold a little bit of the powder coated end over and roll it up tightly (the part without powder is to hold it together). Recycle unused powder.

since it doesent seem to show up anywhere, heres a smoke bomb that this can be used with



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    Hey recycle bin I love your stuff

    my dad showed me how his cell mates used to do this in prison with rolling papers and matches to make "snitch bombs"

    6 replies

    your dad was in prison why? ps if you got upset i dint mean to sorry

    He went a few times. He never really told me why though. I know one of them was large-scale theft.

    kk i dont mean to upset you or owt

    Its fine. He wasn't really around when I was little so I thought it wasnormal for someones dad to not be around.

    How'd they make snitch bombs? How'd the bombs get their name?

     not sure how they were made, but they probably got their names because they would be used on people in the prison who were "snitching" to the guards on other prisoners

    sarcasm? Troll?

    ARGHHH my head hurts from YOUR spelling.

    I don't mean to be offensive, and please forgive me if I am, but I think you need to learn to spell. I thought he used plain normal english. But then again if you are just learning english, that's ok.

    This will be useful, I only have a few dixie-whistler fuses left from the fourth of July.

    how fast does this burn? i use black match. if this burns slower, which it should, it seems like a great alternative.

    potassium nitrate mixed with sugar

    a smoke bomb just waiting to be lit =P

    :| Canadien is French: tu est canadien. and Canadian is english: you are canadian.