"Augusto" Workshop~Marcos Davidson, Melbourne Australia.


Introduction: "Augusto" Workshop~Marcos Davidson, Melbourne Australia.

About: I work in a paradox. The inspiration is antiquity, but the work is very much a product of the 21st century. I forge fuse and pin things like a 15th century artisan, but I often use bakelite, the world’s fir...

My workshop is situated in the center of the city of Melbourne ,capital of the state of Victoria,Australia on the Seventh floor in Flinders Lane, Melb. I am a Practical Goldsmith, with a wide field of endeavor, that is i make custom jewelery ,architectural fittings & Sculpture . est 1979 A.D.



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    I could get lost in this room...in more ways than one. This has such a lively Pinocchio feeling. And please no not in a Disney way. In an earthy, handcrafted, chaotic, I'll sleep when I'm done way. What a beautiful space to create your thoughts...

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    You have a workshop in the Melbourne CBD? Wow! It looks fantastic. This caught my eye because I know a bloke named Marcus Davidson. We are from Sydney though and both are Firies. Very cool setup. Does the local council know about this? It looks a bit "underground" (for the seventh floor) to me. Excellent!