"Augusto" Workshop~Marcos Davidson, Melbourne Australia.





Introduction: "Augusto" Workshop~Marcos Davidson, Melbourne Australia.

My workshop is situated in the center of the city of Melbourne ,capital of the state of Victoria,Australia on the Seventh floor in Flinders Lane, Melb. I am a Practical Goldsmith, with a wide field of endeavor, that is i make custom jewelery ,architectural fittings & Sculpture . est 1979 A.D.



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    I could get lost in this room...in more ways than one. This has such a lively Pinocchio feeling. And please no not in a Disney way. In an earthy, handcrafted, chaotic, I'll sleep when I'm done way. What a beautiful space to create your thoughts...

    You have a workshop in the Melbourne CBD? Wow! It looks fantastic. This caught my eye because I know a bloke named Marcus Davidson. We are from Sydney though and both are Firies. Very cool setup. Does the local council know about this? It looks a bit "underground" (for the seventh floor) to me. Excellent!

    +1 for Fulcanelli on your wall!

    Sweet setup, mate. Looks a bit like the top of my desk.

    Thanx I.D, could you tell me where my halfround pliers are ?, Regardos Marcos.

    Have you checked your neighbor's shed?