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Haven't you always wanted your very own "Kiteman" finger puppet at the end of your fingertip, ready to do your every whim?. He also doubles as a decoration for the end of your pencil? Take him back to school - amaze your friends.

Well now you are in luck, (with some encouragement from Caitlin's Dad and knitting efforts from Stinkymum), this treasured artifact can be yours. One problem - you have to know how to knit!
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Step 1: Gentlemen take your needles!

Picture of Gentlemen take your needles!
Take number 3 mm knitting needles and some yarn in the following colours

white - for the body
pink - for the head
black for tufts of hair and embroidered features
a small amount of green for dapper bow tie

With your 3mm knitting needles and white yarn (I am using Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand, as I love this yarn) cast on 14 stitches.

Garter stitch two rows

Using stockinette stitch and starting with a knitted row, knit 16 rows ending with a purl row

(you will also need a nice sharp darning needle with a big eye!)

Step 2: Colour Change

Picture of Colour Change
the kiteman cometh 004.jpg
the kiteman cometh 006.jpg
After finishing your 16 stockinette stitch rows in white, change to flesh pink and knit another 10 rows using stockinette stitch starting with a knit row and ending with a purl row.

Next row,
knit two together to end (you will now have 8 stitches - unless of course you made a mistake)

Run a darning needle through all the stitches, pull up very tightly and bind of tightly for the top of his head

Step 3: Right sides together!

Picture of Right sides together!
the kiteman cometh 010.jpg
With right sides together sew up your creation starting from the head using the end of the pink yarn. Continue sewing down and use white yarn to sew up the little body. The seam will be at the back of the puppet! You have now achieved faceless "Kiteman" (but of course he is inside out!)

Step 4: Turn the little darling right side out

Picture of Turn the little darling right side out
Turn the little guy right side out after sewing neatly on the wrong side. (aaah!)
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Why does every one like kite man so much? Sure this is hilarious but still. Sure he made a ton of instructables but half of them are pointless.
>Picks up shotfun<

No, not shotgun. Shotfun.
>Joins the fight late, but brings two quad barreled shotfuns to make up for lost time<
>Calls 911< Hello, yes, I'd like to report a stalking...
Calling 911 on a guy with 8 barrels worth of shotfun? Not your wisest move..
What, you'd shoot me?
I would never shoot you. Except, I would be shooting you with fun.. I was more going to aim at the police.
Well then... >steps in front of police<
Don't make me use my time machine...
If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created ME!
>carefully ranges everyone in with sniper rifle scope prepares to fire<

>says meh to lateness, and grabs minigun<

Gets in plane loaded with a nuke ready to blast some S***!!
(Grieves the death of punctuality)  
Don't worry about it. You're young and pointless. When you're older you'll understand. Or, you could ask DJ.
why am I pointless? I'm a person just as important as anyone in God's eyes.
life is pointless hence the reason why it sucks
If you choose to call someone else pointless then you have abdicated the right to object to being called pointless yourself. What goes around comes around.
I never said he was pointless gosh I said half his instructables were pointless. I was looking for an answer why every one likes him so much?
He's a teacher. He's intelligent. He knows how to spell and how to use proper grammar and punctuation. He is both willing and able to do research and collect information about things he doesn't know. He is able to apply critical thinking skills to things he reads, and to decide for himself whether there is evidence to support claims being made.
stinkymum (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Of course he is English! That helps a lot. (rule Britannia!)
@ the_burrito_master As much as your right I'd like to point something out. Common sense, you've got non. You came to this instructable. Fair enough. You questioned kiteman, in a kiteman fan instructable. baaaad idea. What did you expect to happen? Kiteman is awesome, regardless of your point of view. (Evil smile) Thanks for the comment
>more blushing<

I was going to type blusher, but it didn't look right...
Thank you for helping to explain reality to the stuffed tortilla :-)
What if our existence is pointless?
Maybe it is.  How are we to know.  Existence is what you make of it.
Yes, it's quite weird to consider thing like that. Have you ever wondered if we're all just part of someone's dream? Or his videogame? Or his virtual model? I'm not talking about "God", but someone as in some greater force/being. It's fun to consider our existence from an abstract point of view.
Someone just watched The Matrix for the first time...
What do you mean? I've never seen that movie.
Your existence certainly is. ;)

Point well taken for being pointless.
stinkymum (author)  the_burrito_master5 years ago
Depends on your pointless of view!
sunshiine4 years ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing.
Kiteman5 years ago
Hahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, 'tis brillig!
stinkymum (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Here's Kitewife! Sorry Kitewife
fingerpups2 013.jpg
That is brilliant!
Wow, you're like a celebrity in our world.
stinkymum (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Kiteman mini mascot doll!
Oh, are you going to post that one as well?
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