<p>what does the left over compund contain?can mention what all are in the product side</p>
I usually have heard ammonium chloride is used in place of the sodium chloride. I guess you may be able to use different variable metals/compounds ions because as far as i am concerned, nowhere in the reaction does the metal ion react...or does it?
Will this work with other metal powders?
Ah, so it wouldn't be a hazard to do outdoor demonstrations then.<br />
You can, but remember that themixture is very sensitive to water, so don't do it when the air is humid.<br /><br />
is the smoke produce by this reaction very toxic?
Actually no, it mainly consist of nitrogen, ammonium compound, zinc compound vapour. It is not consider as toxic. The reason for me to use fume-cupboard is that burning metal usually produce unpleasant smell and sometimes make me dizzy.<br />

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