video "Patches" the Digital Pumpkin
I created Patches the digital pumpkin for Halloween night. The digital character's mouth automatically animates in sync with spoken or other audio. Rear-projected on a giant home-made screen, Patches was a hit with Trick-or-treaters last year!

New characters and abilities being added this year.

Patches is the prototype Pix Puppet.
limpach6 years ago
Good Job! What you make it in?
he sed at the beginning it was in flash
A dollar short dude and a couple years to late.
RPisces5 years ago
So cool! Great job!
shkoyach6 years ago
Well. This IS Instructables. How about a Tutorial? Then again. If I knew how to do something as cool as this. I wouldn't give it away for free either.
tmallos (author) 6 years ago
The application was created using Flash CS3. Graphics are a set of 2d images I created from a 3d model. You don't really see it in the video, but there are several eye expressions and some other "personality" tools too (eyes can look up, down, left, right, etc.) Mouth reacts to the audio input, other eye styles and various media controlled via keyboard keys. Thanks for the comments! Tim
PickPacket6 years ago
That's awesome!