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Check my Sipriani Rifle V2 too!

Here it is!
My mysterious, new, Project Nine Reversed C-Bow!

Range is about 60 to 70 ft!
It functions great and looks as it works, fantastic!
This idea for a reversed crossbow started about 6 months ago...

I already had a Project Nine lying around but it was ugly, it failed to work sometimes, and the handle wasn't anywhere near comfy.
This one is the best version yet!
Heres some pro's and no's:

-Crazy Range
-Looks great
-One or two handed use
-Small for it's power

Sights are only accurate at a small range (10 ft)

You likey?
Lets get to building then, shall we?

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
Project Nine-X 004.jpg
Project Nine-X 005.jpg
Project Nine-X 006.jpg
This part is needed since the trigger is stuck to the handle, so build it!
Build it once.
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how do u fire it?
Kona-chan2 years ago
try next time to put a better sight on it,
The sights are lazy and aren't that good
try a scope or something
How, exactly, does the reversed crossbow method work? ~BleSam112233
Hey Viccie.B1993, That gun is very EPIK =D I usd it as an uspiration for my Reversed Crossbow Pistol. You should see mine =D
How do you know thats Viccie.B1993?
All he did was change his name. And the original comment makes me look immature, so many caps locks and smiles in it.
Skreetsha (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
Cheers! :)
wabawaba4 years ago
I build it than converted it to a oodammo pistol
Darthpuppy4 years ago
Wow, that is unrelated.
glugnar4 years ago
anyone else notice he has a hard time showing how to make each step?
Skreetsha (author)  glugnar4 years ago
You try 'n make a good Instructable, then you can complain.
hey its not my fault you cant show how to build each thing better
Skreetsha (author)  glugnar4 years ago
It isn't my fault you're a naggy prick either.
im not naggy i just state the facts
It's not a fact, it is opinion- I find the instructions clear and I can easily build this gun with them.
no its a fact that i think they are bad instructions
It's not actually. It doesn't take a genius to comprehend these, and you are clearly below average intelligence if you find it hard to build this.
No I'm not have you ever thought I might have a seeing problem?
Well then, you should have problems seeing all instructions in which case, and have no reason to moan at viccie.
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam4 years ago
Lol, thanks for sticking it up for meh :P
No problem :) How are you?
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam4 years ago
Good, despite the fact i have my main exams coming up in about 2 weeks.
Shaking the f*cking pulp out of me it is :S
And you?
I've spent this entire easter break revising because of my exams :/ Next week I have 2 extra days off so I'll be using those to revise too, and then the week after I have exams. It's a bad system in my opinion.

Other than that, I'm doing ok :P

You done any knexing lately?
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam4 years ago
Nahh, i've become a real Motorstorm addict.
And LittleBigPlanet 2 for that matter :P
At the moment i'm recreating vehicles from Motorstorm on LBP2, then make some tracks for 'em, make a main menu that takes you to the levels, and blamo! Promote it on LBP.me and i might just get it MM-picked.
i have a problem with my left eye (can't see completely out of it),
yet i could easily build this (in 2 hours (i'm a slow builder but fast learner))
It's a fact that you THINK they are bad, but the thought that they are bad is your opinion.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
Pro's got each other's back ey DJ? :P
Zomg you're back.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
I've never left, i just 'stayed in shadows' so to speak :P
Any new guns mate?
Knexman154 years ago
this is AWSOME!!!!!!!
Skreetsha (author)  Knexman154 years ago
Why thank you :)
glugnar4 years ago
you mean the trigger?
rrr675 years ago
omfg this is the hardest part.              

not funny.......
redmaker6 years ago
do you like linkin park?
i do like it ;)
Pizzapie5006 years ago
Omg this is probably the hardest part of making it.

i havent got enough pieces i mite stop making the gun because of this step...
oh boy do i get a cookie?
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