Step 21: DC lamp and motor control

Picture of DC lamp and motor control

Here's the PICAXE controlling a grunty filament lamp via output pin 2. Unlike LEDs, these lamps draw 100s of mA & hence can NOT be directed handled by a PICAXE. For simple demo work perhaps interestingly control the kit filament lamp under PICAXE generated PWM etc. If the Brain Box kit motor was used as the load instead, then a small ~100nF cap. across it's brushes stops motor hash problems, while a diode handles self induced EMF concerns. Other sensors could perhaps be extended off board by the flying leads now included in some kits - classic clip leads will be suitable too.

Note the use here of the kit LDR & (DIY) 10k resistor in a voltage divider network, read by PICAXE Pin 1. This could readily allow a much more sophisticated day-night switch to be rustled up than traditional on/off discrete types. ( The 3 snap link from output pin 2 to the transistor base pases over the voltage divider links at pin 1, with no connection made)