Here's what I have been working on for the past 4 weeks. It's not much, but i will soon finish hopefully.

Gun's History:
1.I made the first prototype of the gun. The results shocked me as they were very poor.
2.I drew a drawing on how the gun will function and what kind of body will It take to make It function.
3.The body I had drawn became strong and sturdy, but I did not add anything just yet.
4.Everything was In tact, now all I need Is a good handle and trigger.
meh, it could be better.
this is my bar..
Gosh, haven't been on instructables for awhile. Very nice =D it does resemble a M1 Garand tho. Please continue working on it =].<br />
it sorta resembles an M1 Garand, but idk.
but do ya like it
does it shoot?
no but i know how to make it fire though but i dont have the right bit
Yea, in alot ways. I'm still working on it tho.
it would be awesome if u could make some instructions to go with it. thanks
well this is the first version, but im finished with version 2 =]. The problem is that instructables doesn't let me download pics =[ <br/>
The 3rd picture looks like a MP7A1.
Never considered it to look like it.

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Bio: =0im more advanced on making Knex guns =]
More by ericm247:&quot;The Bar Gun&quot; slingshot tested goes 254 fps and will go father than 300 feet! 
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