"Volcano" Experiment with Ammonium dichromate

video "Volcano" Experiment with Ammonium dichromate
It is a decompostion reaction, of Ammonium dichromate, this reaction produce steam, Nitrogen gas and Chromium(III) oxide. The decomposition produce large amount of solid, which seems to be a Volcano eruption, hence this is called "Volcano" Experiment.

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lemonie5 years ago
It's toxic & carcinogenic... How did you dispose of the waste? L
cforchemistry (author)  lemonie5 years ago
I pack in a plastic bag, and sit for the chemical disposal company. They often come to collect hazard waste.
We used to put stuff like that in the used-silica drum, big steel drum full of stinky-solids. Still I've seen people put anything down the sink that would go.... (thanks for the info) L
cforchemistry (author)  lemonie5 years ago
It is a method that possible, but you have to dispose waste in the drum anyway, so getting a company is more appropriate.
Oh yes, the drum was company-removed, we just used to throw all the solids in there (not nice). Having seen dodgy-was to dispose of things I'm generally interested.
(Thanks for the other comment on CrVI)

westfw lemonie5 years ago
The waste is no longer particularly toxic or carcinogenic. The degree of danger in the original substance is somewhat subject to debate; most of the data come from chrome plating workers, who see more hot bubbling chromic acid solutions in a day of work (day after day) than a dozen volcanoes...
lemonie westfw5 years ago
I was referring to the toxic-orange stuff, which I believe has real data for it. Melange sulfur-chromique was something I guy used to swear was great for cleaning glass, but he was never allowed to do it (outside of Marsailles anyway).

cforchemistry (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Chromium 6+ has proved to be carcinogenic, as workers or people living near electroplating plant in early days get cancer. It is easier to access bodies then chromium(III) oxide as dichromate are soluble.