how to make a rabbit snare
catch your own rabbit for a pet!
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Step 1: Matireals

Picture of matireals
what you need from your house:


Step 2: Too the woods we go

Picture of too the woods we go
from the woods you need

2 twigs

1 thick stick

Step 3: The fun part

Picture of the fun part
make a sharp point on all the sticks

Step 4: Slip knoght

Picture of slip knoght
make a LOOSE slip knoght

Step 5: The snare setup

Picture of the snare setup
set up the snare
follow instructions in pic
i did it in my back yard but
that was to show you
do it in a field

Step 6: Snare

Picture of snare
you have your snare now if u want ( you dont have to ) you can use bait this is how it works
IZZY12232 years ago
phillyrocks4 years ago
have you ever actually caught a rabbit?