Step 5: The Snare Setup

set up the snare
follow instructions in pic
i did it in my back yard but
that was to show you
do it in a field
I like the diagram at the end though
<p>It is quite difficult to take this seriously, when the author can't spell or write simple sentences. Some of the feedback is equally questionable, too.</p>
no, it definatly kills it because as it struggles to get out it tightens the nuse and strangles it.
exactly I've looked up snares,traps it kills coyotes,cougar and bunnies.
I wanna kill an elephant with some like a 10 ton metal rope snare.
That would be awesome. But you would not need a &quot;10 ton metal rope&quot; it would just need to be a dense/strong metal rope.
thats illegal
twiw? <br>
Snares kill so there is little chance of keeping the rabbit for a pet.
I can't help but think that hot pink might not be the best colour string to make a snare out of...
Um, I don't think that a bunny caught in a snare would likely live. The bunny might strangle, or die from fright. Also, those looking for pet rabbits should go to their local animal shelter or do a search on rabbit.org for a rescue organization.
i would die of fright if i got caught in some piece of rope and couldn't get away.
have you ever actually caught a rabbit?
if u need help commet me ill be glad to help this has been a 9 year old production! lol im 9
you definitly made a better instructable than some of the 13 year olds here have.
HEY!!! im 13 and i did a fair instructable ( ocarina ) but my pictures werent the greatest.
I never said anything against 13 year olds, just for funwithfire.
no you are making a stereotypical assumption that 13 year olds lack effort.
No, I'm saying that he did a better job than many of the instructables made by people older than him.
must i quote it?? Weissensteinburg says: "you definitly made a better instructable than some of the 13 year olds here have." Oh well, i dont care anymore just drop it thank you very much.
Are you saying that a 13 year old is younger than a 9 year old?
I do believe that i just said drop it, why dont you listen to it?
Didn't realize you're the instructables moderator, sorry. Besides, you're the one who replied back.
You've got every right to not come and read my comments. If you really wanted me to stop, you would stop replying to me. Either you're trying to get the last word in, or don't really want me to stop.
im adding to the rediculusly long diagonal thing lol
haha, funny me too
oh and why dont u use ferrets to catch rabbits like me its funner
idk....... but this is gonna be ike a world record diagonal line or sumthin pretty soon
im adding on to it again!!
hehe me 2!! this is fun!
more fun
even more fun
so much fun we all died
very fun
this is so dumb......
yet fun!!!
Teh mosted fun yet! lol
the person hoo has this ible is probably redy 2 kill us, but this is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
w00T haha this is amazing
haha i think the person who made this ible is gettin pretty poed. lol. o well!! continue the diagonal thingy!!
what he said! continue the diagonal!
continue !!!!!!!!!!!! this is gettin fun keep adding!
and another
and yet another

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