Step 8: Add the bigger features to the radio_HEAD. and BAMM

Picture of add the bigger features to the radio_HEAD. and BAMM
 so then all there's really left to do is add your sub your digital frame and the digital alarm clock to complete the FACE of the radio_HEAD. You have to keep in mind that i am really an artist. When i heard about this contest, i figured i could incorporate some old broken stuff and make productive piece of art. It just so happens to be that its a handy little piece of furniture haha.

anyway, work away until you have properly inserted the face, and lasty adjust your clear dualshock holster to complete the project. You can either fully seal the top or you can use the dualshock as an easy access to the center of the radio_HEAD. 

You can set the digital camera [ or frame ] to play a slideshow in multiple different types of settings. or you can use it to playback videos. its pretty cool if you have it sitting on your nighttable or on your desk, it's decorative furniture with a purpose. technology and art go well together.
RRRADIOHEADDD!!!!! awesome!