Picture of radioactive chair
so i was tasked with producing a chair for 7-8 year old children for my coursework, but me being me i wanted to be able to use it too so i decided to make it truly versatile and make a chair that could be used by almost anyone from about the age of 7 upwards.

After much research and tedious design, here is what i came up with.

Step 1: The design and materials

Picture of the design and materials
i wanted a design that would appeal to as many different age groups as possible but still keep it stylish enough to keep in the house.
but with all this in mind i also needed to produce the whole thing within a budget of £100 and also within a time frame of a month.
after weeks of deliberation i decided on the barrel design because barrels are cheap if not free, they are made of steel so are strong and durable and also easy to finish.

  • the obvious choice for the body of the chair was an 88 gallon oil drum, they are easy enough to get hold of, i went down to a local fuel supplier, not like a fuel station but one of the depots that the oil companies distribute fuel from.
  • some rubber edging, i got mine from a local hard wear store that sells rubber seals.
  • 12mm marine ply, i managed to get hold of some scrap wood that was perfect for this project but otherwise you can just buy some. 
  • i decided to add a wheel base that can be removed and replaced when wanted. 
  • for the internals i used two pieces of 25mm mild steel box section for the supports.
  • green and yellow acrylic paint for the detailing 
  • wood and metal primers
  • super matt black paint
  • areldite glue, small nails, frog tape, rollers, angle grinder, etc. 

Nilloc771 year ago
​Nice chair! I have been searching for a cool chair to go with my desk, and I love the design! I think im going to use wood instead of the barrel, however. Thanks for the 'structable!

that is probably one of the best homemade chairs for gaming i have seen in a long time... i gots ta make its

1badrc2 years ago
Very very cool design! I have been kicking around ideas for a really nice gaming chair for my step son, I think this will now be a huge part of that design!
ilpug 1badrc2 years ago
You can build a big subwoofer into the bottom to make a great bass system!
bowlen199 (author)  ilpug2 years ago
not a bad idea, cables would be a pain if you started rolling around on the thing. may stick one in there and see what it sounds like!
ilpug 1badrc2 years ago
You can build a big subwoofer into the bottom to make a great bass system!
bowlen199 (author)  1badrc2 years ago
thanks, I'd love to see the result of that, planning to do just that from this chair.
Hey thats very cool
That looks great; good job.

The drips are a nice touch ( maybe luminous paint would be even better.)
bowlen199 (author)  FriendOfHumanity2 years ago
thanks, didn't think of that! maybe some modifications are in order...