The fishtail is the easiest and prettiest Rainbow Loom bracelet around as far as I'm concerned. :D

A fishtail bracelet only takes as much time as a double Rainbow Loom bracelet but looks loads better. You'll need just 10-15 minutes to complete one.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

If you buy the rainbow loom kit above, you will get the hook shown, some c-clips and some bands - won't need to buy anything else! :D

<p> This helped me alot! </p>
<p>Great instructable!! :)</p>
<p>so cute</p>
<p>Thanks for the easy instructions :)</p>
I made it! It was so easy from the instructions! Thanks!
oh thank you<br>it is so nice and easy
Hi, I'm new to this app and I'm a rainbow loom MASTER!!!:)could u show me how to make tutorials on this app!:)thank you
theres this camera thing on the top right corner.(the creat button)
i present my creations:by the way if u dont have a loom u can make a simple loom like this:
<p>this is soooo cool! i made 2 for my sister! she luvs them!! thanks!</p>
<p>I loved making this.it was really easy</p>
These instructions are the way I make them but it never wors for me! I don't know how you make it so big
Hi. I've started the loom craze last week by making basic loom bracelets using a loom kit I bought from my local bargain shop for only &pound;1. Today I started making a fishtail anklet and a bracelet and they were easier to make than they look. My loom kit didn't come with C-clips so I used S-clips to secure my anklet and bracelet.
<p>I honestly don't know why people specify c-clip or s-clip. I honestly hate the c-clips due to them breaking easily. s-clips work MUCH better.</p>
<p>Reccomendation: if you use 3 colors it's easiest to make a pattern. when you flip a color up, the other two mean colors you don't need to put on that time around.</p>
<p>thanks so much!!! i did not realize how easy it is till i read this</p>
It is so much fun making them .. I do one like every day :)
<p>beautiful </p>
Your so good I am too but yours come out so much cleaner than mines thanks for the tutorial
thanks for the tutorial, my daughter loved it
<p>love it! Everyone @ my school wears these!</p>
<p>My friend made what I think you'd call an 'inverted fishtail' or 'ladder fishtail' one for me. Here: </p>
<p>awesome tutorial!</p>
<p>Great photos, I like your loom.</p>
<p>And an other awesome bracelet! I used the mini Rainbow loom to make it, rainbow style! </p>
Just as beutifull as normal but more thoughtfull
<p>Its beautiful and your pictures are just awesome as usual :), thank you for sharing.</p>

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