Introduction: Rainbow Loom Pencil Holder

Picture of Rainbow Loom Pencil Holder

Step 1: Holder

Picture of Holder

get an used toilet paper roll...

Step 2: Utensils

Picture of Utensils

get a couple of pens, pencils, (etc.)

Step 3: Make, (or Buy,) Rainbow Looms, at Least 14

Picture of Make, (or Buy,) Rainbow Looms, at Least 14

get some looms...

Step 4: Plate

Picture of Plate

get a paper plate for the bottom

Step 5: Get a Sharpie

Picture of Get a Sharpie

Step 6: Bottom

Picture of Bottom

trace the tube on the middle of the plate

Step 7: Bottom (cont.)

Picture of Bottom (cont.)

cut out the trace

Step 8: Put on the Looms

Picture of Put on the Looms

attatch the looms to the tube

Step 9: Glue on the Bottom

Picture of Glue on the Bottom

Step 10: Add Pencils, and Your Done!!!

Picture of Add Pencils, and Your Done!!!


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