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  1. Gather your bands ; you will need : 27 white bands , 6 red bands , 6 yellow bands , 6 green bands , 6 blue bands , 6 purple bands , and 6 pink bands. ( you may need a few extra white FYI )

Step 1: Step 1 :

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Gather your bands ; you will need : 27 white bands , 6 red bands , 6
yellow bands , 6 green bands , 6 blue bands , 6 purple bands , and 6 pink bands. ( you may need a few extra white FYI )

Step 2: Step 2 :

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Position your loom so the arrow is pointing away from you

Step 3: Step Three 3 :

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you place a white band from the bottom centre peg to the one that is on the left.

Step 4: Step Four :

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start placing white bands all the way up the left side. then put them up the right side the same way

Step 5: Step 5 :

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place a red band like in the picture. then do another one and another one and another one .... ect. you will place the bands in clusters clock wise in the following order


5 1

4 2


Step 6: Step 6 :

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continue placing your bands in clockwise clusters in the order on the following page until you reach the end.

Step 7: Step 7 :

be careful because if you miss a step you wont and up with a starburst bracelet.

Step 8: Step 8 :

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place a white cap band ( twisted twice ) on the middle top peg on the pink end. Then follow that by placing 6 more white cap bands ( on in the center of each cluster )again twisted twice.

Step 9: Step 9 :

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Turn loom so the arrow is pointing down. Then you will begin hooking, you grab the pink band at the bottom between the white bands and hook it up. then you will go in to the center and grab the first pink band and hook it on the peg that it will lead to. to figure out witch peg it leads to you wiggle the band while its on your hook and witch ever band wiggles that is the one.

Step 10: Step 10 :

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then you continue going in and grabbing the next band and hooking it to the next peg.

Step 11: Step 11 :

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you will continue by going to the top peg of your cluster and grabbing the purple band and hooking it up. continue with the steps you used to hook your first cluster.

Step 12: Step 12 :

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continue hooking the bands like you saw in step 10 until you reach the end.

Step 13: Step 13 :

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now you will hook the white bands on the L&R will start by going in the center peg and getting the first white band that is not part of the cap band and hooking it on to the peg on the left. Then do the same for the right side when you get there.cont. going up both sides and completing the left side before you start the right side.

Step 14: Step 14 :

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when you're looping the white bands and you come to the top you grab the band and hook it on to the top center peg on both sides.

Step 15: Step 15 :

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to make an extension if you don't know how to make one you reach your hook into the the 'hole' at the top center peg and push it thru to the other side. then you put a white band on the end of the hook and pull your hook back thru but remember not to let go of the other side of the band. then slip the open end back on to the hook.continue doing this except use the previous band and your 'hole'. tie a slip knot on the end.

Step 16: Step 16 :

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pull carefully off and enjoy:)


1914 (author)2014-06-18

I hope you guys like it! please leave nice comments and give my instructions a try!

Ocean Lover 101 (author)19142014-11-26

Nice job mine turned out great but, you might want to change the blurry pics because I was confused.

1914 (author)Ocean Lover 1012015-02-10

Thx so much for your feedback. :) will try and switch out the blurry photos. thx again

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