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  This was made as a raised garden and to keep the dogs out.  There were several different schools of thought on this project.  All I could work in was a recycled pallet. 
  I turned out nice and it does in fact keep the hounds at bay or function as a corral!

I keep adding photos as it grows.  Don't give me too hard of a time, this is a learn as you go program!
It will be interesting to see how this corn works
Also there is a bird after the tomatoes.


michelelynn (author)2010-02-28

how has the shade effected your growth.  I have always had full sun before but our new house has more shade then I am used to and I hope it will be as successful.

onrust (author)michelelynn2010-02-28

  All the pictures were taken in the late afternoon, excluding the one with the plants.   That was an cloudy day and far from regular thing to happen.  I think in the Arizona sun we will do OK with this much shade. 
  I plan on adding more pictures as they are available.

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