These are some horn I did for a faun/satyr costume.
They are ram style because the ram is my favorite of all the goats. And I also happen to be an aries. :D
It is very simple and you can make it our of stuff you have around your house, most likely.
These are also specifically for my ranaissance costume [satyr] which I will post the rest of as I complete each part.

Step 1: Making the Basic Frame

I was going to make the frame out of chicken wire, but I looked and OH NO I dont have any :(
SO instead I decided to use flux [or whatever its called], a super bendy, lightweight, fast melting wire used for sodering.

Basicly, I made a triangle shape with the three points kinda like this: (.'.) if that makes sense. Then I bent it into a curly spiral shape, like a rams horn.

Its a little hand to visualize the full shape when its like this, but once your confident with the size and shape, start covering the frame with tape.

Dont do it too tight if your using wire, because it will bend it all out of shape. I did that a little bit, you can see it when i put it up to my head, but i did not do it so much so I didnt bother fixing it. I used blue duck tape because I couldnt find my masking tape. It doesnt really matter though. Duck tape just makes it heavier.
<p>Well, first (if you don't mind me saying) you are absolutely adorable! I love your design and shall indubitably use this. Also, they look epic on you!</p>
<p>Nice job :D they look great!</p><p>ps: i like your face :P</p>
Nice job on the horns, clever technique (no offense intended, but the picture cracks me up!)
none taken, im fully aware of my scariness. :D
I guess I'm six years late..lol, I love the concept of this, anddd you are definitely not scary, pretty cute if anything. *complete stranger's opinion though lol..*
I like the concept and the way you did it. i just hate paper mache` more than a angry hippopotamus with a pair of safety scissors >_<
I didn't use paper mache at all. The color of plain masking tape looks like horns, especially if you start covering the wire from the top and work your way down.
If you don't mind me asking where did you get the wire you used for the base?
Thank you very much! All I could find online were tacky small plastic ones. I want to make them for a zodiac party, and I'd rather not wear my devil horns (which are all wrong for the ram).<br>This is a good set of instructions, thanks!
How do you attach them onto your head?
very nice job.<br /> FYI:&nbsp;a ram is a sheep, not a goat.&nbsp; extra digressiveness: a male goat is a properly called a buck, and extra extra digressively, both the males and females of both sheep and goats grow horns, though there are domestic breeds without them.&nbsp; <br /> carry on soul-eater!&nbsp; chow some karmic carrion.<br />
I guess I've been bested in sheep knowledge. O:
Here's my final: http://cameroid.com/t/deddb28a2262cc9ee02371293c128418<br /> <br /> Grooves are rather... inhibited. -___- Could have used a better string.<br /> And true, while my left horn is stable, my right one is constantly twirling around lackadasically.<br /> <br /> Yet! This project really saved my Hallowe'en. I already had an antique pair of Chinese slippers that somewhat functioned as hooves. *wink*<br /> <br /> The basics should apply to other horn ideas I have in mind.<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br />
what if you wrapped them around a head band of some sort so they wouldnt fall down? or did you try that already?
See front page SarahMichelle~<br /> <br /> And Oh:&nbsp;I'm using ceiling suspenders instead of solder (just whatever I&nbsp;had handy)<br /> <br /> Working like a charm~<br />
How did you end up getting them to stay on your head? I'm curious because I want to make them as well haha - being a guy with short hair doesn't so much help but the design looks fantastic! A lot cooler then the prosthetic horns I have seen.
thank you :D well, i actually have a mohawk, complete with shaved sides. and i had put them on a head band and it worked beautifly, but i couldnt hide the headband in my hair. so what i did was make a hat with the horns sticking out and it looked really cool, especially because with my costume i was going for a sort of modern urban faun.
The first picture is great! Gotta watch out for that light exploding behind you, but funny. Also like the gloomy you got there.
i know, the fist pic is scary as hell :D and thanks.
That is one scary cover picture you've got there. Been demon-possessed long? ;-D
only a while.:D
The horns look pretty cool and convincing! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

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