Ranger (model)




Introduction: Ranger (model)

this is my model of a ranger.

Step 1: Front View

Step 2: Rear View

Step 3: Birdseye View

Step 4: Upside Down View



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    Accurately designed.

    Are you 5? Curious


     cool!!! i subscribed to you!!!


    not me :) LATE REPLY i know.... why?

    Hello corzknex. I see that you just made a model of a knex gun.

    Not that that is a problem, honest. I love good models, they often look much better then full sized knex guns. And besides, it's always better then a block trigger. But, when I look at this model, and then compare it to this model, (which is not a very difficult model, really.) I believe your ranger lacks something. But maybe, I can give you a few tips at improving this model.

    Next time when you build a knex gun (a model or a working knex gun), try to make your gun in "layers". With the layer system, you can make several layers of a knex gun, which can later form a three-dimensional model. Here is a good example how layers work. Now, if you just make three flat layers using white and yellow connectors, and white and green rods, you can connect these layers with white rods in between. Many guns work this way, and its the key to mastering knex building.

    Another good idea is making a gun that already exists. This way, you can look closely at the details of that gun. Maybe you can make a Tavor, or an M16, or an AK-47, P90, MP40, M7A1, M1 Garand, or something else. Or you can make a gun from a computer game, like a Lancer, or a Battle Rifle. I find the weapons of the game "Battlefield 2142 " very inspiring (see here)

    Allright, I hope my tip was useful. Please reply and tell me what you think.

    not to be mean or anything but the ranger is actually a real gun cool one too

    I agree with you, even though personally I don't like it.  But just pointing this out; you do know that something like a ranger shotgun doesn't exist, right? It only exists in Call of Duty 6.

    Call of Duty 6 is MODERN hence the name modern warfare 2 :) all the guns are real