I did an rapid fire mod to my battered Logitech MX500 mouse. There are many howtos around, i used this one: www.instructables.com/id/Add_a_rapid_fire_button_to_your_mouse_using_a_555_/

The difference in my approach is: I did it without an additional switch. So the mouse is not cutted and the mod cannot be noticed from the outside. It is a clean mod.

But the circuit does need a button to activate the rapid fire, i used one of the existing buttons of the mx500.

See the pictures.

Step 1: overview

lol, that link in step one looks familiar :D<br />
great 'ible, building on others, constantly improving... could be useful, however my mouse often glitches so thinks i am firing when im not. doesnt this waste ammo really fast?
yes it will also u might want to update yr drivers as well

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