Introduction: Rave Bag Aka Pa in a Back Pack [sRc]

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this is how to make a bag with a mini pa amp and 2 book shelf speakers in a back pack

Step 1: Moding the Amp

Picture of Moding the Amp

if u dont have a amp that takes 12v or a battery powered amp then you will want to take the 240 volt step down out of the amp so it will run of 12v.

Step 2: The Battery Used

Picture of The Battery Used used a yuasa 12v battery u can get these from i would recomend this battery as it has lasted nealy 3days so far with no change in volume on the amp

this battery is £21 but i got mine out of the house alarm for free (Y)

Step 3: The Speakers

you can use book shelf speakers

i would recomend them as they have the wooden box and the sound is very good from them

i used some amstrad 30w speakers and tey work very well and go very loud

they do the job with amazing results

Step 4: The Audio Lead

Picture of The Audio Lead

u can use 2 types of leads for the input
1. a guitar lead with a plug in jack to convert it into a smaller conection for mp3 players

2. a phono aux lead for hifis with the small jack (headphone conection) on the other side

sorry i dont know what they are called lol

Step 5: Time 4 a Rave

a little video of it just to show it in action (Y) made this project in 30 mins so its not perfect
enloy hope u like it :D x


JBessette (author)2011-09-27

1. 1/4
2. 1/8

tj the gnome (author)2008-07-11

hey, i took a 12v battery out of an electric scooter, the battery died in 2 minutes. helpz?

gav2142 (author)tj the gnome2009-07-23

ps get a 12v sola pannel to top it up ftw! maplins

gav2142 (author)tj the gnome2009-07-23

your amp is probz 2 high rating, the amp i used was only 30w but went very loud (Y)

jongscx (author)tj the gnome2008-09-26

You have to see what the Amp-hour rating of the battery is... However, are you sure it was the battery that died? worse case scenario is that you blew your amp...

tj the gnome (author)2008-07-08

"i got mine out of the house alarm for free" lets just hope that nobody tries to break in.... nice idea though, im having trouble... i got it to work but i think the battery died, any hints?

DjProToJeeX (author)2008-04-11

i love it

Danny (author)2007-12-31

The music burns my ears!

gav2142 (author)Danny2008-01-10

hah lol ok then :)

Danny (author)gav21422008-01-11

Nah i was joking, i like metal more though, since ur in england thats probably a taboo, unless ur a scene kid which u look like.

TheMadScientist (author)2007-07-23

just call it a headphone jack... everyone else does :D

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-06-21

so. its speaker you can whoob wub to..?

gav2142 (author)!Andrew_Modder!2007-06-22

sorry but wa u mean lol :S

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