Rave Bag Aka Pa in a Back Pack [sRc]





Introduction: Rave Bag Aka Pa in a Back Pack [sRc]

About: im 15 years old i go to endon hight school and i like to hang around hanley with my m8s

this is how to make a bag with a mini pa amp and 2 book shelf speakers in a back pack

Step 1: Moding the Amp

if u dont have a amp that takes 12v or a battery powered amp then you will want to take the 240 volt step down out of the amp so it will run of 12v.

Step 2: The Battery Used

www.maplins.co.uki used a yuasa 12v battery u can get these from www.maplins.co.uk i would recomend this battery as it has lasted nealy 3days so far with no change in volume on the amp

this battery is £21 but i got mine out of the house alarm for free (Y)

Step 3: The Speakers

you can use book shelf speakers

i would recomend them as they have the wooden box and the sound is very good from them

i used some amstrad 30w speakers and tey work very well and go very loud

they do the job with amazing results

Step 4: The Audio Lead

u can use 2 types of leads for the input
1. a guitar lead with a plug in jack to convert it into a smaller conection for mp3 players

2. a phono aux lead for hifis with the small jack (headphone conection) on the other side

sorry i dont know what they are called lol

Step 5: Time 4 a Rave

a little video of it just to show it in action (Y) made this project in 30 mins so its not perfect
enloy hope u like it :D x



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    hey, i took a 12v battery out of an electric scooter, the battery died in 2 minutes. helpz?

    3 replies

    ps get a 12v sola pannel to top it up ftw! maplins

    your amp is probz 2 high rating, the amp i used was only 30w but went very loud (Y)

    You have to see what the Amp-hour rating of the battery is... However, are you sure it was the battery that died? worse case scenario is that you blew your amp...

    "i got mine out of the house alarm for free" lets just hope that nobody tries to break in.... nice idea though, im having trouble... i got it to work but i think the battery died, any hints?

    hah lol ok then :)

    Nah i was joking, i like metal more though, since ur in england thats probably a taboo, unless ur a scene kid which u look like.

    just call it a headphone jack... everyone else does :D

    sorry but wa u mean lol :S