In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a really cool razor blade necklace out of a soda can. You can't cut yourself or anyone else for that matter with this, so it is perfectly safe to be wearing around your neck. Please don't blame me if you take it to school and a teacher takes it or a policeman thinks it is a weapon.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is the supplies list. You should be able to find most of these around your house.

-1 soda can. any kind will work, except for the heavier cans with food.
-1 pair of scissors
-1 power drill and drill bits. if you don't have one of these, you can use anything sharp. It will just take longer.
-1 hot glue gun, epoxy, or crazy glue. I prefer the hot glue gun, but really any kind of glue will work.
-1 pair of pliers.
-1 necklace chain or string.

-1 razor (to check if yours looks just right)
BRILLIANT...a store almost sold me for 20 bucks on this and i was like naw not worth it but now I can make it!
Cool! I want to make earrings! This is really creative. I love that it looks hard core, but it's really made from a can that can't cut you. Kudos!
it could if you dont sand down the edges...
I've worked with aluminum cans several times and have found the cut edges to be quite harmless without any sanding or treatment.
why not use a real razor
Well, a real razor could get you in serious trouble at school or in public areas if they questioned you about it. Also, it could cut your neck! Very usafe. I guess if you dulled down the edges you could, but then you would be wasting a perfectly good razor blade. It's great for Halloween too. If you want to make something scary using a razor prop, you don't have to spend the cash buying razors. :D At least, that's what I gather from this.
i dont think its a cost thing, maybe its just here, but you can get razor blades just like that for only 15 cents each...
Soda costs more than a razor blade... Soda: 1 dollar. Razor blade: 1 dollar for a 50 pack, or 2cents per razor
Or, you can use a soda can people throw on the sidewalk, your front yard, on the beach, etc.
emoooooo necklace woot<br />
doesnt have the real razor texture or look. just the shape. Think u should just get a real razor, get some blood on it, great souvenier
hmmm, i just took a razor, ground the edge to not cut me, and drilled a hole. but ur way is much more creative lol
lol, yea. lately ive just been trying to find something new to do with old soda cans.

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