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My neighbor gave the motor to me as well as an old trailer door . I used the wood panel for the hull . I already had the radio and servos from an old airplane . I made the steering mechanics and engine stand from window frame parts , cd player parts and sheet brass from an old fireplace cover . It sure looks like it will work , I hope it remembers it"s a boat and doesn't think it's an airplane !

Step 1:

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I measured out the two largest good pieces of panel to come up with the overall dimensions .

Step 2:

From the output shaft of the motor I measured out a triangle that would allow propeller clearance to get overall width .

Step 3:

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Then I basically pieced everything else in from there out either existing or hand - made pieces .

Step 4:

From there I used pieces of card stock and bent them around the wierd curves and angles , I used those pieces as templates for the actual wood pieces .

Step 5:

From there I just kinda eyeballed every thing .


DEEJAY642 (author)2015-10-20

um since when do doors have mini model petrol motors on them unless your Lloyd Johnston.

J Peretti 1 (author)DEEJAY6422015-10-20

The same neighbor who gave the door to me also gave me the motor .

acheide (author)2015-07-03

Looking forward to seeing the steps you used to build this boat.

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