this is the predecessor to my microlight hovercraft. this one differs in that it includes a lower chamber that distributes air more evenly into the skirt to make the hovercraft more stable, a higher rpm motor, a molded duct with a curved surface surface to exploit the coanda effect giving extra thrust and making the fan more efficient, and also a more sofisticated link system with rudder to take care of steering.
the results are clearly proven because this one performs far better than the original and in this instructable ill try to explain how to build one that will work just as well.
heres a link to a short video i made

Step 1: design

here are a few of the CAD software designs i made. the idea was simply to make everything neat and tidy while being fuctional, hence the bathtub for electronic components which also acts as strengthening for the bottom layer. i used Autodesk inventor for my designs and i chose to use the martini racing colour scheme.

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