Introduction: Use Old Remote Control Circuit As a Switch

Picture of Use Old Remote Control Circuit As a Switch

i use my old broken Remote control car .

my mother ask from me can i throw .I say no i want to use in making some thing ales

then i open the circuit and check how its work

Step 1: What More You Can Do With It

i use this as control switches

you can also use as

motor control

making helicopter

Step 2: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required

4 12v relay

2 diode 4007

rc car remote and recever

Step 3: How to Attach

Picture of How to Attach

Take four relay attach with glue or double tape. attach the wire according to circuit diagram

in this diagram two relay are use as making logic

like on and off circuit

first relay use to off the circuit

and second is use to on the circuit

these two relay are use to control the third

actually third reley is a 5 pin relay

if you have 8 pin or grater pin relay is better

to control this thing i use another relay

which work same

Step 4: Testing

Picture of Testing

before testing carefully check the connections

testing is very important.


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