my friend made one so i thought i should share

Step 1: Parts List

need a hammer air pump or compreser hammer nail 2 leiter botle with cap ball pump adapter

Step 2: Reading the Cap

take the nail and drive it threw the cap with the hammer then remove it then put the addapterin [the hole might be a little small so just hammer it in some] then add clay around the addapter to stop air from excaping

Step 3: Hook Up to Air Sorce and Put Cap On

<p>All that work just to make a target that will be rendered useless after the first shot? </p><p>Lame. </p>
<p>Of course its a one use thing. That is why you make multiple.</p><p>Also Merry Christmas.</p>
so... you basically just fill a bottle with air, then shoot it, so it blows up? maybe use Alkaseltzer tabs and water to pressurize instead.
that sounds usefull but what if you want to only hear a bang? but that is a good idea
it will go bang the same way.
What is this and what is it supposed to do? Does it have a purpose?
Projectile + hit = bang<br><br>It's a pressurized bottle. Simple, but fun when you get bored.

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