There are many ways to make paper roses -- all documented online.  But..

The wheel!  I must reinvent it!

I don't know why I became fixated on making paper roses.   I thought it would be great to make some of them out of gift wrap for Christmas present decor.   I also had a strange urge to see what it would look like when burning.  (Check the last page of this instructable for the video)

(Please don't start singing that Marie Osmond song from the 70s.  I just got it to stop re-cycling in my head recently)

I came up with two ways to do it.  The better way (if you are lucky enough to have a programmable craft cutter) and the paper doll way, easier, but the results are mixed.  I will give examples of both ways of doing it in this instructable.

Step 1: The idea

Picture of the idea
I deconstructed a rose by removing all it's petals and laying them out in order.  There seem to be around 24 petals (with 3 or 4 of them small and mutant).  The petals gradually descend in size as you get closer to the center.
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Sarah Nade3 years ago
The burned flowers are so beautiful.
nea.savoca6 months ago

Since our business name is Ash & Rose, ashandrose.com I could not be more interested and delighted by the Ash Rose and the Burning Rose! Thank you!

foobear (author)  nea.savoca6 months ago

Fantastic! I'm glad you were amused by it!

BobbiM110 months ago

Do you have a way or technique that can bond the ash rose and stop it from crumbling or breaking afterwards that you use or prefer.

foobear (author)  BobbiM110 months ago

I don't believe such a thing is possible, if you find a way, let me know that would be interesting.

Lovely is there a version is SVG format so that I can use it on my cutting machine :) please.

Thanks you

foobear (author)  unicornstarr1 year ago

I added an svg version for you on step 2

Thank you so much..

violeta5711 year ago
the burning rise looks better, I love it
Popopopper2 years ago
whooooa the burning rose is so pretty
foobear (author)  Popopopper2 years ago
yah, I love it. thank you!
ellieberry3 years ago
Great Instructable - worked really well, thanks! :D
overflow6363 years ago
Could you post the template file for the cricut, i have a different machine available , but any vector format should work.

foobear (author)  overflow6363 years ago
eh, sorry, finally got a round tuit. I attached the .mtc files to the materials page.
you could use a thick gauge copper wire for the stem. it wouldnt be too expensive and you could choos alot of different coulours due to the insulation.
yes im a guy looking at this. some girls need impressing ;)
This is very creative but takes time!!! i love it though wish i had somebody to do it for me!!
foobear (author)  CookieMonstah1233 years ago
Yes, it takes time. there are lots of tutorials on line for making paper roses, not quite like this one, but maybe satisfactory to many...
Yeah!! Um... Well i like thease roses maybe u could try making them for your hair by attaching a clip!!! LOL
blackslax3 years ago
This is great...really great.
auntylulu3 years ago
Great Tutorial!
For Stems, I cut pieces from wire coat hangers from the cleaners. They are thick and flexible enough to look like the real thing. These ones will look even better with some green leaves
foobear (author)  auntylulu3 years ago
Good idea! Gosh, I hardly ever see wire coat hangers anymore. I generally don't do dry cleaning, just too costly for me. But that's a good idea for sure.
I get mine from the neighbors,or from the trash. They get thrown out a lot. You can also go to the hardware store and ask for galvanized aluminum wire. It's thick and even more flexible. My profile pic is one of the paper roses I make.
foobear (author)  auntylulu3 years ago
Yours are gorgeous! do you sell them?
I will start soon, on Etsy. My shop name is Paperbeauties. I can let you know when they're up, if you want.
foobear (author)  auntylulu3 years ago
Just curious, yes, please let us know
ctran103 years ago
Just a suggestion, you can still keep the skewers, but you can go to walmart and buy some floral tape, its this thin green tape that creates a plant-like texture, easy to apply and pretty cheap.
foobear (author)  ctran103 years ago
Yes, they could use some finishing to make the stems green, some leaves and a calyx part too. The bamboo skewers are awkward to hold in a bunch as they are so stiff and straight. It's a good suggestion.
knex lord3 years ago
wait ok i am a bit confused by this it is a great instructible and i have done everything right up to the glueing and it gets very confusing the way the video is made can you explane it a bit more for me please? so i can make some great roses thanks
foobear (author)  knex lord3 years ago
Hmm. I wonder how I could explain it better. I thought the video would help. Is the video too fast? I sped it up 300%. Can you describe sort of which part is confusing?
oh its ok now i tryed it a few more times and watched the video a lot and i got it in the end
You should post pictures! Go for it!
this is my first one i spray painted it white because i only have brown paper and i didnt want it brown i think it turned out ok
foobear (author)  knex lord3 years ago
It's looking good, you've just about got it there. Just as you're wrapping the petals around the stem, keep them closer together around the bases, then it would look fuller rather than elongated.
So clever! Just one question, does the 'calix' get thicker or do you gradually glue the petals towards your hand on the stem?

Next time, could you please keep the light levels even? It makes it difficult to see when the shadows fall on the work - I'm a bit stupid and I do need to see each thing clearly!!

Thanks again - I will have a go at this today!
foobear (author)  The Dalai Farmer3 years ago
Yes, the "calyx" gets thicker, but the glue that kind of collects down there causes the paper to get mushier so it pinches together pretty well
foobear (author)  The Dalai Farmer3 years ago
Oh I see, okay. Yes, it was afternoon and the shadows were coming through the kitchen window. I will try to do a better one, since I've had a few complaints already. =)
dreamberry3 years ago
These look very realistic. Super nice! Song stuck in head is called an earworm. Best to go listen to the song to silence it.
foobear (author)  dreamberry3 years ago
Ach, do not want to listen to the song. My friend claims that singing the "Day Oh" song will clear all songs from the head. Mostly I just will them away by force. =)
susanrm3 years ago
So pretty. I can see these as a wonderful decoration for a wedding.
foobear (author)  susanrm3 years ago
Yeah I think the white ones are especially pretty. Though you could use giftwrap or other colors of paper, or even air brush them maybe. Lots of potential
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