Picture of Werewolf costume
Update 9/22/2011: 
 Thanks for checking out this tutorial! I get a lot of questions about this every year around this time and they are usually the same, so let's clear up a couple things.

-Where to buy fur: http://www.mendels.com/fur2.shtml or google/ebay "faux fur"
-Where to buy foam: Michaels or JoAnn's... or other fabric/crafting store, ask for upholstery foam
-How much fur do I need?: I cannot answer this since everyone is a different size and i can't remember how much i used for the project.

-Can i borrow/have/buy the costume? No, the costume does not exist any more. All that is left is the head and it's not in the best of shape. The rest was used for other projects  (keep in mind this is a 4 year old project) 

-Will you build me a costume? Sorry, im not available for that. Thats why i made this tutorial! :)

This is just one way to build this sort of costume... there are all sorts of better materials and methods out there! See how you can put your own spin on it or improve it. If you run into a problem, try researching it a bit by poking around online... sometimes that can lead you to a better solution. Basically don't be afraid and just try it out... that is how you are going to learn!

I'm sorry to say that i will not be answering questions about this build due to a very booked work schedule.

Have a great Halloween!

Create your own werewolf costume! Moving jaw, padded body, lots of fur!

I'd like to express how excited Iam to see this posted around the internet. This is my second full crazy costume, the first being an armored demon. I do costuming as a hobby but Iam a full time artist.

Had I known so many people would be looking at this, i would have documented the steps a little better. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via commenting on this site and I'll try to answer them as best i can.

Thank you for checking out my Instructable. I hope it inspires you to make a big mean creature of your own!
Have a great Halloween!

c_webber3 years ago
mine's all done
DSCF8011 (1).jpg
kaptaink_cg3 years ago
Great Tutorial! I finally tried making one of my own. I only did the mask and gloves though. I won "Scariest Costume" at a local bar with it!
newkangol5 years ago
Ya know, I never posted any pictures on my finished Werewolf costume. Missmonster, thank you soooo much for all the info on this instructable. i really enjoyed making this costume!! Here are a few pictures of my costume in various stages of construction.

I'm an intern here at instructables.com and we really liked this project! Thanks for showing us how you recreated it.

To show our thanks, you are getting a 3 month pro membership, check your message box for details!

Thanks for using instructables.com!
I love this! I'm trying to duplicate it myself and so far so good. I'm going with a Wendigo style though because I'm native american. Check it out! :D
Picture 001.jpgPicture 002.jpgPicture 003.jpgPicture 004.jpg
Vesalius110 months ago
I had no intention of reading this, I just couldn't resist the cover photo of a car driving werewolf... May have to get some digitigrade stilts and make a were terrier now.... Jack the Ripper Russell, maybe?
HunterS110 months ago

Im speachless, this suit is amazing. the bad thing is, i don't really have the any skill in costume making, let alone the skill to make one of these, i know this kind of defeats the purpose of making an instruct able, but would you consider selling these online? As you can tell by my username I'm a HUGE fan of werewolves, and i'd really love to buy one! email me if you are interested. my email is zwolfking78@gmail.com. Thanks!

SkyProductions11 months ago
This is by far the COOLEST and BEST werewolf costume I've ever seen. I've never seen something to top this. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
ionachevelle11 months ago

I found these instructions about a year ago. They were very helpful in building my own werewolf costume. I started making mine in November of 2013 and I finished it all(with the exception of the tail) last week (end of August 2014). I love it. I will have to post some pictures of it sometime when i have it all on together. Again thank you for posting these intructions.

sorourke1 year ago
how sturdy is the costume cause I am almost 13 yr old girl and Im a tomboy I like to rough house and I want to modify it so I can walk on all 4s
cristoph1 year ago
This would scare the crap out of me if I saw it at night
Goldenwing1 year ago
It may not be halloween for a while but this project will take quite some time to do my werewolf costume idea is a bit like a costume that furries where but way better no I am not a furry if you are thinking that anyways my plan for the chest and leg areas is to make the costume quite tight and a bit slick sorta like the hair on a dog that way its not like the size of a door and in the legs there would be a slight bit of padding in the legs for muscle looks so that way it would look realistic then in the chest area I would put padding in to make the werewolf look strong same for arms but hands the paws would actually be hands like thumbs and all like most werewolf costumes now in the chest area I am also putting abs to look stronger because if I go to a costume party I want to meet some girls :3 anyway now most of this has been pretty much a normal werewolf costume w comes for possibly the best but most difficul idea of my costume I am going to set it up by using maybe fiberglass poles basically something light and durable and using a techne like the headset on braces I would connect some of said material from earlier and connect them as joints then connedt each of the poles to the jointed stuff if yiu make the mouth right everything you say should actually look like the werewolf costume is moving its mouth the exact way as yours I will do sime work and tell more qbout it later sorry for spelling errors
dotiwu2 years ago
Where did u buy the fur??
Inumo5 years ago
How did you stain your fangs? Also, what exactly is tool dip (or is it tool tip like you mention in the next step)? I'm a newbie at DIY stuff, so I don't really know much about paints etc.
feralucce Inumo4 years ago
inumo... as for the teeth, she said "The teeth have been sealed with a glossy clear epoxy. Do a test on your epoxy first, because the brand I used for the bottom teeth yellowed within a month or two and they no longer matched.
The teeth are not a pure white, either..I did stain them a little but it doesnt show up too well in the flash. "
Inumo feralucce4 years ago
... And I'm wondering what she did to stain them. I get that she sealed them with the epoxy. As stated in the original post, I'm a newbie at this stuff, so it's not like I know what to do when someone says "stain this." Did she soak them in tea? Is is kinda like wood staining? I don't really know anything when it comes to this...

Also, since you seem to be willing to help... Do you happen to know what tool (d/t)ip is?
canida Inumo2 years ago
Tool dip = plastidip or liquid latex.
soccers1232 years ago
This is a AWESOME costume. I am wondering how thick the foam is?
hey missmonster, i'm a great fan of your illustrative work and i love your werewolf costume to bits!
i'm english and it seems a little harder to come across all the required bits (unless i want to ship from other countries) but i was just wondering what exactly it is you use to coat the bits and pieces to keep them solid and protected?
Hey, I'm trying to make this costume this year (I know, I've tried it before but it failed miserably) but, (if you're still interested) she probably used fiberglass resin. You can find it under the automobile section in most superstores.
Hope this helped!
My email is countrywolfgirl@gmail.com if you can I would like some tips
psycholuna3 years ago
I love it!! One question, How do you attach the arms to the rest of the costume?
tempus84633 years ago
how did you make the teeth?
lhusted3 years ago
If I were to make this costume, how much fur would I need? I'm a 5' 2" girl btw.
Nelyan3 years ago
I just stumbled upon this and I must say I'm speechless. Whoa. Superb work!
What did you use to trim the fur? Just electric razor?
Aegian24243 years ago
furries, yay :D

awesome costume, you have talent :)
LucDaRocka13 years ago
btakahashi6 years ago
I dunno if this will get answered but how is the wire from the below jaw made into the hook for the ring? Or is there another ring attached to the wire?
just bend the wire
ravelsi4 years ago
Gracias, necesitaba desesperadamente este tutorial para una fiesta de cumpleaños de mi hijo.

Thanks very much, I need this tutorial for a birthday party of my child.
c_webber4 years ago
thanks for the inspiration working on my 3 wolf now your steps help a lot, i am changing it for my self adding and taking away to what i see. thanks agian
Kilir5 years ago
Also, what are you using for the legs?
Mobpupz Kilir4 years ago
It's a Unitard
Mobpupz4 years ago
What are you using for the legs? I am going to try and build this for haloween. :) Is it tights? Because i think i may see a seam.
feralucce4 years ago
We're making one and have found that contact cement works better than hot glue... it sticks to everything and is STRONG
Motts feralucce4 years ago
I can testify for feralucce, contact cement is really the way to go.

also, is there foam on the back of the paws too? Where is it placed?
Motts4 years ago
:P at this stage the legs remind me of Lucario. I am going to make this costume for halloween, but I think I'll sidestep the body making step and just be a clothed werewolf. Great Instructable!
Roceifin4 years ago
How the heck did you get a picture of my wolf!!!lol....except her teeth arnt exaggerated!lol Great Job!!
how long did this take you?
That's a really awesome costume! :)
mastermine4 years ago
excellent work
inst it amazing what we can do with such common items
again excellent work ***** 5 stars
how big of upholstrey foam do i need to use? im very confused on this...
toolgirl4 years ago
I made some wonderful satyr pants for my boyfriend after meeting someone at the Folsom Street Fair and he told me how he got the instructions from this website. The instructions were great and I really appreciate all the work that went into them. I sewed the fur pants separately as opposed to gluing them on. It seemed more durable, so I would be interested to hear how durable people found the original design. If anyone is interested I can put the pattern on the website for the pants.
Thanks so much.
m0_0m toolgirl4 years ago
I would love to see your pattern!!! I'm making a satyr costume too and I'm scared to deal with this fur. Glue or sew?! Could use any help/insight.
redfive19734 years ago
Love the tutorial. I do hope somewhere down the line to make a suit for meself. Very nice work.
mary candy4 years ago
pyrawolf14 years ago
Great looking pair of feet! I was just wondering where to get a good pair of plastic claws at?
this 1 rocks
MISS MONSTER.....this is a very important question how much did this cost in total.... i REALLY want to make this for halloween please email me me email is       sadistic_generation_kid@hotmail.com       so please email me
I can answer that... you're looking at 7 for the plaster cloth. The cfoam can be foundfor free, but runs 10-15 a sheet... about 100 the fur unless you are using a "better fur" Some of it can run upwards of 32 a yard...
Reptle4 years ago
I'm curious by the direction of the fur you chose. I'm having the same problem with the muzzle.. in all realism, shouldn't the fur be going down the arm itself, rather then up?

It probably gives it a more scruffy look that way I suppose. I'm still debating it. Gonna do a mix i think. Paw itself being upwards, arm being downwards. it'll hide some of the glue I'll use for the details between both.
sooner88885 years ago
Very well done! Still not sure what REALISTIC werewolf might mean.
alrumich5 years ago
Very cool! Just do not get shot wandering in the dark in this costume.
raccoons5555 years ago
that is a very awesome costume you got there, well im making  digi-grade legs and i was wondering if u know anybody with the skills to do that?
She has a way to fake it on the next step, if that's all you need.
i was thinking of using that to make me taller so im not the midget wolf as i am short
roibeard15 years ago
Now, for your next assignment: A rabid killer DUCK!
Inumo5 years ago
This foam is different than the stuff you used in the previous steps... What kind is it exactly?
Inumo5 years ago
Probably gonna be a year or two before I have the moneys for this, but... From what I know, hot glue stiffens up once it dries. Did you use some kind of specialty hot glue instead to make sure you could still move your hand around, or did you just use normal hot glue because it wasn't a problem?
DragonX7775 years ago
I seen those contact lenses before. They sell contact lenses online, but becareful about the scams they pull online.
definitely watch out for scams! I bought some $30 werewolf contacts (http://www.colorlens4less.com) after looking at a different website that was selling the exact same kind for $80... each
Umbrahound6 years ago
Where did you get foam like that? Ive never been able to find thick foam.
camp pad.
They have the foam at Joann's Fabric or at other places that sell stuff to do upholstery.  You do not have to buy a full sheet at Joann's just look for a smaller piece that is left over from someone else. I get a couple of feet at a time. They will also cut a big sheet smaller for you.
 Anyone have a price range for this project?
I spent about $400 on mine, but about $100 of that money went to the faux hair that i used for the top of the mask. Also, you're gonna need A LOT OF HOT GLUE STICKS. At one point I had 2 hot glue guns going at the same time.
dfwmonkie5 years ago
thanks for all your help ..did some things diff ..but this was the most helpful tutorial  ...first place in costume contest yeah !
jackass1015 years ago
 Hey dude cool costume.
I was wondering if you could make me 3 of those 
an we could work out a deal

because i wanna pull some pranks on some kids 

 I use this to make some cool satyr pants. I modified them a little from your instructions and used some of e-pandemics info on cloven hooves to to make the hooves. I have shots of most of the process, and hope to post them soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Morrighan5 years ago
I only have to say: WOOWWWWW that's awsome!!!!! o.O
I promise my friends and i will try this..... great job!!!
lordpazuzu5 years ago
i would really like to discuss this project you have here more indepth, i am a horror movie hound and a decent artist and i was just asked if i could make a werewolf costume for a local movie, and after seeing your skills i believe that i could. can i contact you so i dont have to comment for questions? if thats cool, please email me (adam) at lordpazuzu@hotmail.com

thank you!
bondo955 years ago
wow you did a realy good job on this it and it blew my mind when i saw it you are a real artist.
heusingwood5 years ago
Well that day i was watching some videos and decided to look Missmoster,and now look what i foud xP

>> http://www.youtube.com/user/missmonter <<

boost195 years ago
 what kind of fur did you use or what was it called and where did u buy it from????
ModMischief5 years ago
Thanks so much for this fantastic instructable!
It was a huge help when I was trying to figure out how to make my boyfriend's Ludo costume.
Here's the finished product: http://www.instructables.com/id/Ludo-from-Labyrinth-costume/.
 Hey, I totally just finished making my own Wolf Costume!  Took me about two months, $400, and a giant furry mess in my girlfriends room, but It's done and Looks amazing! I've been dieing to take on a huge costume like this and couldn't have done it without this instructable (and my girlfriends encouragement, i don't know how many times i tried to give up). 

This is definitely the spring board i needed to get into costume creation. WOO! I'll definitely have to get some pictures...
Gunbuilder5 years ago
how long and how much did it take you?
i mean, could i do it in a few days, and how much money did it cost you to build, because, halloween is in a few days, and i still dont have a costume!
Hey there Missmonster, I just saw your how-to on this werewolf costume and I wanted to say that I think it is very well done. How did you get involved with costume creations?? I play a game online called "secondlife" every now and then, which allows me to build stuff and play around with making almost this exact type of thing, in (obviously) a fictional, computer generated world. But this greatly interests me, sense I would be able to build things in the real world if I attempted to do what you've done here. Although maybe this is just me, i'm the kind of guy who would want to build the batsuit for example, and not just leave it as a costume, but implement all the details from the movie, (i.e bullet proof armor, hydraulics in the gloves and so on). In reality I probably couldn't afford that so I wouldn't try that extreme. But this post really caught my attention, and I was curious as to how you got started?
Chances are that she's either a furry or a werewolf-movie fan.
Then again, most furs tend to view werewolves in a more romantic light rather than as monsters...
She is probably just a fan of werewolf movies.
Sometime, someone should get a group of these type suits together. Just picture it! 10-20 lycans running down the street ;-D Btw, is the suit hot at all????
Actually there's a group that does that. They're called Furries.
Not all furries wear fursuits--we call furs who wear 'suits "fursuiters".

Most of us just draw/paint/animate/dream/talk about anthropomorphic animals. I do know for a fact that most furs would love to wear fursuits but don't have the money to buy/build them (cost ranges from $500-$10,000 depending on quality), or their families/coworkers/friends would have a hostile response towards them.
Naighsayer5 years ago
Where can I get these foam pieces??
Lethosos5 years ago
I've been thinking about your wolf for a while, and since I've beenthinking about a "dragonborn" outfit for next year using theguidelines in here, there's a way to further improve aircirculation--which in turn helps with overheating issues.

Since you're using quite a bit of long fur, you can use that to hidehorizontal vents along the back and down the pits, as well as across thethroat. The tricky bit is to decide if they're along a"load-bearing" region or not; judicious use of wire and lessfoam will help with those problem areas. Otherwise, mesh fabric willhelp keep the fur in place while moving around.

I personally see the foam hump as one of those tricky areas; it covers auseable cooling region for your body--the upper back and the adjacentneck area. Alternatives would be battery-powered fans hidden in thatregion, but that's an element of fursuiting that I won't get into here.There's plenty of other Instructables to do that. :)
Kilir5 years ago
I'm confused...how exactly do the leotard and underarmor shirt cometogether? If you sew them together, how do you get it off? I justcan't seem to get the correct visual for this :P Somebody help!
aRmDraG5 years ago
Good question how much did it cost to make this
Don't take this the wrong way, but how is it a realistic Werewolve costume? Ever seen a real one to compare? :D
yes. how else would we know how realistic it is?
jgmaciasf5 years ago
THIS IS AMAZING!!! i mean it!!! ill deffinitely try it... just one question... I live in a VERY warm place... how hot does it get when you have the costume on? :S thanks a lot! I'll deff try it!
ldbbraves5 years ago
Its tape folded
This picture fits perfectly with the sign in back....XD *Employees must wash hands...
Glitch506 years ago
is it possible to make digitigrade feet?
it is very possible to make digitigrade legs if u find the blue prints and have the resources
Gee I hope no one steals it and sells it on eBay, hey Miss Monsters hur hur hur
minllar5 years ago
Awesome Build. I just have one question, where did you get the fake fur? i am trying to find some online to no avail. Any ideas? Also, about how long did this build take you/ price for total build? Thanks! -T
alston minllar5 years ago
Jo-Ann Fabrics, or your local fabrics store has some good choices. That's where I have found a few good deals on my fur-like fabrics before.
minllar alston5 years ago
Awesome Thanks!
What would top it off would be if you had some shredded clothes on over the costume :D
deatslah5 years ago
Miss Monster thank you for helping me fur fill a promise to my brother to build him a costume. What could be cooler than one werewolf but two. Yes I made one myself. It is still under construction but I think they're coming out great .Thank you you are a great artist.
thepelton5 years ago
In regards to the fangs, I see several alternatives that might look real neat. First, tagua nuts or other palm nuts could be cut into quarters and filed down into credible looking teeth. The length would be limited by the size of the nut, however. Another possibility is boar tusks. Farmers remove those from their boars all the time, and a large number of boars are running loose that can be hunted. I know a man who was going down to Texas to hunt them because they are a nuisance, and I asked him to bring me back some tusks if he could.
uersel5 years ago
Whow! Very well done costume! If I was into halloween I would definitely try to make one for myself!
SinAmos5 years ago
Solid work - I totally would wear this costume on every night except halloween, just to scare the crap out of strangers - hehe
goxxon5 years ago
great! you should be in special effects :)
ghostelfo5 years ago
Where did you get the elastic, and what kind is it? Is it some kind of large elastic band?
BraisedDuck5 years ago
Maybe you can just make the head and the hands and the feet, then the rest you put on your regular clothes.something like michael jacksons werewolf in thriller, you get what i mean? that way it wont be so hot in there.
dfwmonkie5 years ago
thanks for the great tutorial !!!
totti510915 years ago
would you be willing to sell the costume???
tony2125 years ago
Where did you get the fake fur or what kind of fake fur is it?
hawkshadow5 years ago
I don't have enough money to get every thing so I am only getting most of the things
Tigg23e45 years ago
can i use fake hair instead of fake fur? Also, can i make claws instead of buying them?
Oh yeah, forgot to tell you the site i got the claws from... www.greyowlcrafts.com
I bought my claws online, and they were pretty cheap...3.75 for a dozen bear claws (hands) and 5.95 for a dozen grizzly claws (feet). Shipping was like 8.00 but i think I rushed the shipping (I'm kinda impatient that way) In total I spent like 18 bucks, but the claws are pretty cool, all they needed was some sanding to get the seam line out and then some black spray paint.
I am having a hard time finding some good claws. Can anyone help me out?
I wrote a post today about that...see up top.
newkangol5 years ago
If anyone is intrested, I have a couple of pictures of my costume parts (hands and unfinished head) and what I've learned/learning through the process of making this costume. If I can make it even half as good as Miss.Monster, I will be satisfied!! Take a look and let me know what you guys think. I'm really at odds about trimming the fur on the hands. Part of me says trim at least where the fingers are, but then part of me likes the fur long all over the hands.
sarge12115 years ago
instead of armature wire can you just use a clothes hanger and bend it to proportions?
Killer bobo5 years ago
Ok, ok I have an idea, there is this soda can pop tab istructable that teaches you to make chainmaille out of soda can pop tabs, what if i were to combine these tho projects? aka sewing some of the chainmaille on to various parts. I think this costume, a homemade cloak from a previous Halloween would scare people, and how could I make chest pads to make the wolf look more 'barrel chested?' any feedback would be great.
bivins776 years ago
Damn!!!! is that a real werewolf....AHHH....DAMN it is oh well nothing left to do but subcome to it....bite me and let me transform into the best beast every created.....I'm not worthy I'm not worthy.....is there any chance I could pay you to make me one tooo...PPPPPPLEASE!!!!!....just wondering if so contact me!!! Thanks again for it all....by the way you are pretty Damn sexy in and out the creation...just thought I add that info..don't kno y.....????
ErnestoGP6 years ago
why is the fur violet/pink in the fourth picture?
I think you're referring to her own hair, which is bright pink, or was at the time.
I meant the hair on the arm & paw.
how did you change the color of the fur?
Foaly76 years ago
I didn't see this in the comments, but then again I didn't read all of them, but can/how do you go to the bathroom in this?
freakytail6 years ago
that is sooooooooooooooooo awsome

do u mind if i make one and wearit to my halloween dance?'
I was thinking of doing the same thing!
kj5556 years ago
I though would thank you guys because I used your template to make my costume this past year and it turned out amazing! Thanks again!
Did you get any cool pics of it?
Sure! Scared the crap out of some people also!
I wanna see pics of your suit too kj! :)
sure here
I am trying to be scared, but it's too cute! :P
Lol thanks!
Mcand946 years ago
'Ello there, i was wondering the wire at the (close to the ear) does they have any important function in the later process?
Im trying to make the same costume, and its going very nice and smooth because of these great advices, but i just started wondering, cause i used some fence wire to make my snout wich i thaught would work just as good as any other. But then i got worried about the wires i mentioned. Yes i know i talk too much.
lol anime pics in backgrounds
Where did you get the mohair and all that fur?
Mcand946 years ago
Thaaaaank you, that is a really awesome werewolf you got yourself there, and i now decided to try and make one myself after your little tutorial. Again i say thank you and good luck with any other costumes, if your making any that is. Deepest thanks form Nichlas Andersen from Denmark :P
matheusinho6 years ago
are selling the werewolf costume???? it is so cool!!!!! id love to make it but im 11 years old and my mom wont let me do it but she will let me buy it so please sell it so bye
sarge12116 years ago
I really want to start this but im going to do the hands then feet then body.
Glitch506 years ago
these would go great with this costume: http://02a5349.netsolstores.com/werewolf.aspx
how much did it all cost i need to know, im going to a cosplay con as a werewolf and i also hope u dont mind me using this as a template for the costume but i need to know how much it cost so i dont pay to much >.>
hi i really admire ur work im doin the same and i was wonderin if National Fiber Technology hair is some that u can order or is it like super spcial stuff and the only reason u got some was because u know a person who works there id like to know thanx
any way u could elaborate on the making of the head? im hopin to make my own werewolf for halloween, but am havin trouble with the head. u did an awesome job!
loveme10136 years ago
did u scare anyone? and i love the werewolf fursuit!_ better then the hollywood ones._ XD
sebberdreng6 years ago
Hey i see it and i was very nice but i dont goy much money so can you tell me how it cost to make it? (P.S. OMG!!!! Is so nice!!!)
strmrnnr6 years ago
I think a shortened muzzle, here at step 4, and a coat of pink paint would make you a hit at the pig roast this Summer.
egriff6 years ago
goslar217 years ago
alrighty.. ive been doing my homework.. i noted down all the materials used throughout all the steps and went to the shopping centre to see if i could access everything.. ive already brought plaster strips (i have had experience with this part before so i know what to do)and i noticed that alot of people had trouble finding fake fur... there is a shop in the centre that sells tonnes of that, but its a bit pricey. sculpey took me ages to find.. not because its not in stock (its actually everywhere), but because its called something else here. everything else was reasonable easy to come by. time to get started...
missmonster (author)  goslar217 years ago
Have fun! ;D
few questions on this. how does it hold up to rain? how durable is it? you see I do a haunted trail for the month of October and were looking for a good costume for a werewolf that can take a beating, since it is outside and we don't stop for rain or snow, and we are in the woods so it needs to be able to last
Faux fur can't hold up in the rain, so that wouldn't be a good idea. Unless you wanna bring an umbrella...but that might decrease the "scary factor" a bit. ;)
I know its nothing close to halloween but im going to try early! Im going to use you legs,mask,feet,and maybe gloves idea becuase im going as a Rock n' roll black werewolf with a eletric guiter. Oh yeah i saw your demon video on youtube and it was so funny. KEEP ON ROCKEN MISSMONSTER! ~DragonWolfGirl
zafiros6 years ago
I'm gonna make this costume for a movie I'm making, but add a few adjustments. 1. Longer snout and jaw 2. Less fur 3. Add wings (it's a flying character in my movie)
CJPerry926 years ago
I DID IT!!! I made my own costume! It may not look as good as yours but im 16 and dont have that much money =P

Anyway, it freaked people out and was a lot of fun on halloween!

Heres a few pics of the final product, and thanks for the inspiration!!
Wicked.jpgwerewolf 2.jpgWerewolf 1.jpg
YO way to go on your football teams! and nice costume!
missmonster (author)  CJPerry926 years ago
Oh wow! You did a GREAT job! Could i post this on my online journal? It's really cool to see people's werewolves and I'd love to share this with people :D
GlowWireGuy6 years ago
FREAKING AWESOME!! This is possibly the best Instructable ever. GREAT job!
dogend6 years ago
that is something to go in the books its legendary. I'm in the middle of making mine at the moment. I've now got to get the fur. I'm also making a different costume as well
hi all I need a monster costume for a film. i am willing to pay someone to make it, if anyone is intereted please dont hesitate to e-mail me scott-goodwin@hotmail.com
Capezio6 years ago
i always wanted a werewolf costume but not those cheap ones you can get at a local store and those once a year halloween store so now i can try to make my own
ohh my god that last picture is EPIC! this truly inspires me to try to do something like this =)
daylover6 years ago
is ther a wai i cut by a full made costume??? i prommis to pay good for it :-) plazz rite back on Anna_madsen_86@hotmail.com if its possibol
Joalsses6 years ago
Hi!I make this account to comment here!In the future(im 13,when i have 16,17)I want to do a costume like that, just more "werewolf by night" like,would be cool.But here in Brazil(we talk protuguese not spanish!,but not like portugal´s portuguese)we dont celebrate hallowhen, but I aways love, since when I was little! Bye!great costume!
abadfart6 years ago
nice I might make a mask for shock value on stage like powerman 5000
greenhornet6 years ago
I will be making mine! But a werefox . . By the way, how do you make the tail?
endospore6 years ago
I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with everyone. I made this for Halloween and I got so many comments on the costume! It was worth the time and effort and I really enjoyed making it. Thanks again!
Marines_8386 years ago
Hey, me and a few mates of mine (we're Australian), have got about 6 weeks of holidays and decided to have a go at making this werewolf costume, one for each of us... I was wondering have you experimented with different fur colour, or spray painting it or something like that at all? Do you have any pointers in general on the costume? Cheers
what type of fur did you use and were about did you get it. did you use the nft fur for all of it or is there a cheaper method
reap286 years ago
this made my make an account so I can just omfg this is the coolest thing i ever saw 50000000/5 wow!!!!!!!!!!!
triniman6 years ago
Dude make one for me man i need one
missmonster (author)  triniman6 years ago
I'm not really open to making a suit for you, sorry :) Why did you give out your phone number on a public forum?
I need to get one that why
triniman6 years ago
I need one make me one my number is 1-877-467-1535 ask for Chris
CJPerry926 years ago
Yeah, go ahead, I wouldn't post pictures of myself on the internet I wasn't willing to share. lol
Oh ya, I remember what I was originally going to say. lol. Where did you get those teeth???? Or did you make them yourself?
jbgillund6 years ago
Well, I was going to do Zombie Elvis next year.. but screw that... I am going to do this.. going to start working on soon so I can get other things ready as well.. Howl on!
Athils6 years ago
I am nearly finished with mine. I will post some pics ASAP. Thanks again for the amazing Instructable missmonster.
Wra1th136 years ago
I am making it now, its amazing.
Now, see, if I had an attention span and about a month of trial and error I could make it look this good. But I guess it's hoodie and long pants again this year... sigh.
Amazing! I want to make one! In total,how long did this take you to do?
lironess6 years ago
Makin the paws this year! Did you foam the top of the fingers too or is that just fur on there?
Applejacks6 years ago
Dude sweet costume. Im gonna be hellboy this year but maybe Ill try this next time. For my hellboy costume I made a giant animatronic foam hand for his right hand of doom; that would be cool if I could make some giant claws or something for a werewolf. Hmm...I should make an instructable on that...
the4est6 years ago
this is soo awesome!!!..... :)
chatake6 years ago
Hey! How did you make the claws? Or did you buy them?
jancola chatake6 years ago
I *think* the claws are the plastic ones used in kid's crafts, like for stringing necklaces. Google product search "Plastic bear claws"
lobo_pal6 years ago
Where'd you find such long fur?
Mj1500s6 years ago
Faboulous costume! I'm very picky, but this costume is amazing. Thanks for taking the trouble to post instructionis and stap by step pics complete with adice of what NOT to do too. A lot of life is learning ther hard way. It's nice to be able to cut some of that out too. I did a short stint as a prop person. If that means something to you. Best Wishes...
very nice i did werewolf one year... wasnt half this good..... :P
lobo_pal6 years ago
I was wondering, could I use a shirt and pants instead of a leotard, seeing as I don't have one lying around,
altomic6 years ago
rock!!! I don't know whether to make the bobba fett costune or this one. this one looks waaay easier but the effect is tres cool. no, this one. definitely. it will scare the crap out of my daughters. my wife and I got married on halloween. umm cause we live i australia and don't follow your unholy pagan rituals. (joke) -the second bit. my wife and I live in austrlaia and did get married on halloween.
lorrwill6 years ago
this is INSANELY well done. and freaking scary. :-)
Miss Monster, you're a genius! I love the realistic mouth and teeth and the paws!! whoa!! I wanna some padded paw-like gloves for the winter :D instant fave!!!!! Big GRRRoWLY hugs from Italy!
ernestoaug6 years ago
muito louca!!!!!!!!!
KelvinAlf6 years ago
hey I'm going to make a blanca from street fighters suit for my senior year next year so I think these instructions will work great
Angel_77756 years ago
This is the coolest(or hottest) costume I ever saw and I wanted to make I but how much would all the supplies cost.
lironess6 years ago
When you made the paws, I can not see how you wired the claws on, it is hidden by the foam......I'd like to see it or hear from you. Wonderful costume. I love to show this to my friends who love werewolves.
This is such an awesome costume! how much would it cost to make one myself?
Athils6 years ago
This Costume is amazing. I am currently following your instructions and creating the costume. I have a question though. I have never really worked with fake fur. Any good tips on using it, espiccially for this costume? Also I created a different method for attaching the lower jaw to the upper head piece. I bought elastic and used the same key ring idea. I made sure when attaching the elastic that it was tight enough to hold solid against my face but also moved with my lower jaw when talking. Thanks again for the amazing Instructions on the Costume. Hope to hear your reply soon.
So, seeing as most faux fur is polyester, do you know if spray paint would really harm it? I understand that it would make it stick together if you used too much, but I figure I could just buy plain back faux fur and touch up the color a little bit with some grey/white haze. Just wondering if you played with this at all.
I couldn't find it anywhere in the instructable (but I'm fairly ignorant and miss stuff easily), so I thought I would ask; where did you find those claws? I'm attempting to make a dragon costume for a local rennaisance faire eventually, and those would work amazingly well for my idea :D
arkemetes7 years ago
about how much did this run you$ just estimate.
Nice costume! Did you use it for a party or an independent film? If you Google "It Envies the Living", you'll get a chance to see some of my work.
absolutely amazing!!! For a minute there, i wonderd "how hav they got my grandma to pose?"But no,this is a wicked costume!!! P.S. love your hair!!!
missmonster (author)  JAm13 7h3 3m07 years ago
LOL someone get your granny a shave! ;)
How many yards of fur did you use? I am trying to figure how many I will need.
4 or 5 yards of fur, depending how big you are.
darthmynock7 years ago
Hey girl awesome costume and great instrutable. kuddos!! BTW can you explain a lil bit more how the mask has a moveable jaw? (pssst.....i'm making a wookie ;) )
missmonster (author)  darthmynock7 years ago
Sure! It's pretty much a loop ( keyring loop) with two elastic strips attached on either end...one strip connects to the top head the other connects to the jaw. You have one on each side of the head/jaw. I originally made the jaw to be detachable hence the metal loop but really you can just do one big elastic band if you wanted. Just make it tight enough so that the jaw springs back when you close your mouth. I also added velcro to the inside of the bottom jaw's chin and the corresponding piece was sewn into the outside chin of the balaclava hood that i wear under the head. This makes the jaw move exactly to your jaw... man, i hope that all made sense.
Thanks it really clarified me a lot :P Again congrats, great costume !!! -T
DrDildamesh7 years ago
Awesome job. I'm using some of your tips to build an albino Tauren costume. Very helpful instructable in that aspect. I truly thank you. I did have a wuestion though. You mentioned a "black tool tip" in the instructable. Perhaps I'm a noob, but I'm not sure what that is. Also, when you say 'latex' in the step where you painted the pads of the paws, did you mean liquid latex? Again, fantastic job!
missmonster (author)  DrDildamesh7 years ago
Hi! Thank you! Black tool dip is this stuff you can buy at Home Depot that is used to cover the handles of tools. You can find that near the glue/paint section usually. It comes in a metal can. Use that stuff, not liquid latex to paint the paw pads. I experimented with liquid latex and tool dip for the paw pads and the tool dip worked best. Good luck and have fun!
Vspire7 years ago
this is so cool, I've never seen anything like it, I'm filming a vampire movie, and I didn't know what to use for a werewolf-plus I can sneak around and scare people on Halloween
UltraMagnus7 years ago
come to my porch wearing that and you would get a silver crossbow bolt between the eyes! ;)
triniman7 years ago
hey ill pay you if ya make me something similar to this. please email me at lcjsamuraix@aol. with a yes or a no.
Batness7 years ago
Fabuless. Seriously this is awesome. :D Do the Sculpey teeth hold up well? I've had bad experiences with Sculpey. :<
Velter7 years ago
hey ill pay you if ya make me something similar to this. but not quite as complex.. please email me at Velter.jr@gmail.com with a yes or a no. its for a new film project im trying to put together.
wolfman22997 years ago
could i pay you to make me one
wergvargr7 years ago
few questions on this. how does it hold up to rain? how durable is it? you see I do a haunted trail for the month of October and were looking for a good costume for a werewolf that can take a beating, since it is outside and we don't stop for rain or snow, and we are in the woods so it needs to be able to last
goslar217 years ago
Thank you SO SO SO much por posting this or for that matter coming up with this idea in the first place! my friends and me are fourteen and we're halfway through making a werewolf movie.. except up until now, we had to film all the scenes and shots that dont have werewolves in them. if we can manage to make this we will finally get to film the werewolf scenes! one or two of these invole blood though and i dont wanna get these artworks bloody. i might have to come up with just a hand opperated puppet head for close up bloody bits. (again) thank you so much for posting this. you have helped satisfying 5 fourteen year old's sick little minds for homemade horror. any tips for the hand opperated one? thanks heaps.. i am a major fan of your work
missmonster (author)  goslar217 years ago
That is AWESOME. Seriously this message makes me so happy. Have fun guys, and thank you for using my instructable!
would you like me to let you know when our film is completed? this may take us a while though as we first have to actually build the costume and then get everything organised, shot and edited together. thanks tonnes.
missmonster (author)  goslar217 years ago
YES, please do!! Would love to see it!
gradys7 years ago
I saw you at San Diego Comic Con 2008. Awesome!
missmonster (author)  gradys7 years ago
Hey! Glad you liked it! That was one HOT con for me, haha. I sweated all over the place. Hope you had a good time! -mel
0zzy20087 years ago
Truly remarkable work. If you don't already work for a company needing this kind of talent on their set. I would recommend trying. Keep up the good work, ideas, and hopefully come up with more.
highintel7 years ago
Thank you for this! I have a cool mask, I just need a full body suit and thanks to you I see how easy they are to make! Where do you get fake fur though?
missmonster (author)  highintel7 years ago
Hi! You can get it at JoAnns, Hancocks, even WalMart. Look on ebay and online too...
theosullis7 years ago
Vampfangs.com is a good place but I dont want to spend that much on contact lenses!
Dude, they are the cheapest around.
drumdrumset7 years ago
How many yards of fur did you use? I am trying to figure how much I will need.
Wolfman0097 years ago
WOW. Really impressive. I'm making a werewolf suit, but it's not full body. It's one that the bottom jay moves with your own. I was wondering, does your suits jaw move with youre own??
mironman7 years ago
how much would it cost to just make the head?
duck-lemon7 years ago
what a pro!
nagutron7 years ago
Thanks for visiting us at Maker Faire! I took a picture of you and Eric Wilhelm at the booth. You were looking viciously awesome!
roboraptor17 years ago
I was just wondering, how do you make the back hump out of foam? my dad and I are going to try and make this costume but we think its impossible, but you've inspired us to try :) (we both have no talent in making things but were going to try anyway) think its impossible for us to do? Thanks :)!
Add a dark, long hooded cape over it all, only to reveal your 'true' identity at the last.... I'd be most worried about someone shooting me with a real life gun! Very impressive work!
Ok, first off: THIS IS AWESOME! I've never seen someone who is this skilled at making Fursuits. Second off: Could you find a way to adapt this into a "White Were-Tiger," and post an instructable on it? If you can, thanks.
theosullis7 years ago
I looked there it is in my favorites, does anyone know why colered contacts (FX Lenses) are so expensive!
theosullis7 years ago
I was wondering if there is a website where I can get colered contactact lenses for a cheap price. Every website I look at sells them for over 75 dollars!
Check out "VAMPFANGS" they have great prices and fast delivery also.
Wow. Total bad-assery. I may have to try that myself.
FuXXXi7 years ago
hey, nice job there. I would like to create an own werewolf costume and I would like to know, how much fur you needed. Greez
goleafsgo7 years ago
what a great job... i am from Canada and i am looking to make the same costume for a haunted house.. want to know where or how to do the teeth.. also where the fur is from...
Iam from Canada also,and just found a great buy for the fur needed.I went to Wal-Mart,in their bath and carpets section,and I found black fur bath mats for under $18 each.They are about 3 1/2 feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide.They have a undersheeting you can remove,instead of that rubber.It was a great deal,because Fabricland wanted $38 for one meter.
missmonster (author)  goleafsgo7 years ago
I think i mentioned in the Instructable, the teeth are baked sculpey, and as said below you can find fake fur online, ebay, JoAnns, Hancocks...etc... Good luck!
Where do you get paper clay and how much is it? I was wondering if it would be more comfortable if you use elastic for the head straps or will it mess up the shape. And I think if you put little pouches in the inside to be able to slip ice packs so you wont over heat as much. Last, what was the most comfortable and the least comfortable. Like did you have any problems with the suit as far as mobility or breathing?
revvin7 years ago
hi missmonster. just wanted to say excellent work and thank you for sharing your work. It inspired me so much... I decided to have a stab at making my own Kangaroo costume based on your Instructable.


Its the first time I have ever actually made something - so even though the head looks like a wolf... I am still happy with it overall. :)

I now have the confidence and the little bit of knowledge to make all my costumes in future. :)

Thanks again for sharing your work - it really was inspirational.
missmonster (author)  revvin7 years ago
Cool! Thank you so much for sharing!!
hello, question about the snout, im attempting to do the same costume so im sure ill be back with more questions lol(nice work bye the way!) ok so is the top snout foam with cell u clay around it or is it all clay?
missmonster (author)  metalhed15027 years ago
the snout has a little bit of foam at the core, but the top is coated with celluclay. I hope that helps. Good luck, make something awesome! :D
WOW!!! That is one VICIOUS looking Werewolf costume!!! AWESOME!!! I would definitely freak out if you came Trick or Treating at my door!!!
missmonster (author)  PaHalloweenFreak7 years ago
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like this :D
arkemetes7 years ago
aye, this is the most kickass werewolf costume ever. im just a kid but my friend and i are totally into werewolves and he would completely go bezerk if i had on. think i could do it? any tips?
missmonster (author)  arkemetes7 years ago
Thanks man! Glad you like it. As for tips...well, read the instructable ;)
Darkpaw7 years ago
Looks amazing. I am adapting this to work with the Digitigrade stilts I am making. Once complete I will post some pics.
missmonster (author)  Darkpaw7 years ago
looking forward to seeing what you do!
willtanclan7 years ago
Where do you get the fake fur, claws and how do you make the teeth? how much will this cost
missmonster (author)  willtanclan7 years ago
Please read the comments below and read the Instructable itself. Thanks!
willtanclan7 years ago
where to get fake fur?
missmonster (author)  willtanclan7 years ago
As mentioned below, keyword search online, ebay, hancocks, JoAnns etc...
How are the teeth holding up? I've found that baked Sculpey is brittle and tends to crack or break easily. Have you experienced any problems?
missmonster (author)  outtatheburgh7 years ago
Yeah that's a drawback to sculpey. They have been fine so far. A freind did accidentally drop the mask off of a chair and a tooth came off but was easily glued back in place. An good alternative would be to cast some plastic teeth with a silicon or rubber mold. That would also save some wieght on the head since sculpey is so heavy :) That is something I will probably do for suture masks.
GORDON717 years ago
By the way, any ideas on the best place to pick up the faux fur, that won't break the bank?, any help appreciated,ty.
missmonster (author)  GORDON717 years ago
Have you tried out ebay? Search faux fur fabric and such keywords. I have found a few good deals on there. Other than that JoAnns, Hancocks, etc...
Thanks,can't wait to see how you top this......if at all possible-doubtful.
GORDON717 years ago
Iam a huge Halloween fan! I've wanted to make a werewolf costume for years, and this year I'm giving it a shot with your help.Thanks so much,I am really impressed with your results.
r0mpMike7 years ago
This is so great! I can't wait to try it! (Well, something like it anyway) Thanks!
made it, looks so realistic!
Ok... I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, but I've had a couple of different (aka: more expensive) ideas. First, instead of clay, plaster, sculpy, etc. I was thinking about using foam and liquid latex for the muscles and skin portion. And secondly, for the legs, someone earlier mentioned stilts; my idea was to use what's called "[jumping stilts jumping stilts]". They are basically a pair of stilts but they have a curved, springy base with a rubber footpad at the bottom. They run about $400 so it was a want thing, not need thing. (Google them for more info...) The claim is: "with practice, you could jump up to 7 feet high and run up to 20 miles per hour..." So imagine your costume with a couple of modifications... heh heh.
Illidan7 years ago
youre gonna get shot wearing that! its so realistic that after a few minutes you'll be riddled with silver bullets
bop967 years ago
COOL you won the Halloween costume contest!!!
Jeff C.7 years ago
cool idea..that would suck if they only had leperd print fur.
clothbot7 years ago
So this took you what, three or four hours to slap together? ;-) Awesome work! If I could +2 I would.
missmonster (author)  clothbot7 years ago
haha, oh man i wish! ;) LOL Thanks for the comment, im very glad you dig this!
Congrats on the Make contest win! Well-deserved, indeed!
Jake Turner7 years ago
Congrats on your win! Nice costume, very detailed. I think you beat out the ones from the American Werewolf movies.
anonimoose7 years ago
Wow, Amazing costume, if I saw that coming down a dark alley at me I'd probably soil myself. Also I really think the instructions were more than comprehensive although they lacked a few photos. But, I am planning for next Halloween and does anyone think that I can use a similar technique for a Fred rabbit mask from the movie Donnie Darko? I'm merely concerned because his ears are much longer and I'm wondering if you had any input on the material I could make them. If you haven't seen the movie, Frank is a seven foot tall black rabbit with ears that are maybe a foot and a half tall and a couple inches wide. They are rigid and one is permanently bent downwards.
leebryuk7 years ago
Without out doubt the most kick-ass costume on the site. I know that I would kind of freak if that thing popped around a corner running at me. I am afraid of you... Great Job, Lee
missmonster (author)  leebryuk7 years ago
Hahaha "im afraid of you" mission accomplished
e.bender7 years ago
Good Job. I can appreciate the work you put into that one. EB
missmonster (author)  e.bender7 years ago
Thanks very much...glad you enjoy it!
metarain7 years ago
I just want to say: AWESOME! This is such a nice costume! I love it. :D
missmonster (author)  metarain7 years ago
Thank you! :D
goku7247 years ago
your costume is freaking awesome my only question is what kind of foam you used cause some foam is harder than others, and I wasn't sure ... just wondering
missmonster (author)  goku7247 years ago
Thanks! I'm using soft upholstery foam for this project..some foams have different pores and denseness. For this I went with something inexpensive and more light and breathable. There is also the hard pink sculpting foam that i think a few people have gotten confused with what i used...dont use that stuff ;)
Truegod7 years ago
Hey, great how-to! I'm working on a mask using your directions. I've never worked with resins / epoxy, and was hoping you could point me in the right direction. What is plastic resin / resin epoxy glue and where can I find such things? Sorry for the noobish question, but I'm having a tough time finding the information on my own.
missmonster (author)  Truegod7 years ago
hey no problem! You can find epoxy glue at Home Depot. It's a small tube plunger with two chambers...you just squeeze out equal parts and mix it up and apply. It's used in plumbing and stuff, should be with the rest of the glues near the paint section. Resin is pretty much just plastic...it's similar the glue, not as thick and most likely white (depending on what you get). That's the stuff i used to brush on over the mask to make it tougher. You can buy that stuff at an online place called smooth-on.com though they sometimes retail at places like Pearl or Blick. Again it's a two part liquid that you mix equal parts of and brush on ( or pour in a mold, but that's a whole other thing). If you decide to buy some, pay attention to the hardening times( some may harden in only a minute or two, others may take awhile) and also the mix ratio ( buy something that is a 1 to 1 part...in other words you mix two equal parts) I hope that helps!
adamvan20007 years ago
I made something like this for Halloween one year, except I went with a teen wolf type costume; ie... ripped denim jacket with fur sprouting out at the rips, elbows, knees. And damn skippy it was warm! The mask I made was a werewolf molded mask store bought that I took the hair off and replaced with fake fur from a faux fur coat. The fur on the coat was nice and thick, and also had some backing, which made it easier to sew. For the claws I used a few pairs of stretchy winter gloves, the top pair being dark brown. I hot-glued fake long black nails onto the fingers, which kinda made it look like an actual finger growing nails with cuticles and all. The rubber of the mask itself, and the fur made it incredibly hot. If I can find any photos, I'll post them. The appeal for the werewolf for me was always the animalistic quality that I felt when inside the costume. All the heat and humidity inside the mask made my breathing very shallow and rapid, which boosted the adrenaline, and quickened my pulse. All that light, rapid breathing heightened the light-headed, other-worldly quality that I felt. It was very easy to imagine myself gradually changing into the monster I was dressed as. I think I even scared myself when I let loose with a feral roar and howled. (something I've always been good at) When I saw the others guys freak in a dark room, I almost felt a bloodthirsty anticipation. And then I took the mask off and I was back to being just another ordinary guy with an over-active imagination.
oh, and you can definitely make this costume on the cheap, too. Use fake fur coats for a local thrift/second-hand store, re-use old foam inserts from a couch (available via curbside pickup, or thrift stores, again.) I was reading the article on the guy who made realistic looking "wolverine" claws, and something to that effect would look awesome (except maybe hooked and not as long). I think I'll start on my next werewolf costume for Halloween early.... bwuhahahahahaha!
How would you make a tiger head? (I like tigers more than wolves)
missmonster (author)  Mr. Squiggles7 years ago
Well, carve the foam and sculpt it so it's a tiger head. Broader nose, etc? I'm not sure what else to tell you :)
unklegwar7 years ago
This is a fantastic costume. I'm seriously thinking of doing it, but adding some little stilts or platforms for height. I'm 6'2" so a 7' Werewolf should really freak some folks out. I used to scare the crap out of people with a reaper costume. Showing up in this may make that effect much more...uh....literal! And nothing says halloween like 8 year olds screaming in fear! A C Moore, here I come.
missmonster (author)  unklegwar7 years ago
THAT would rule!!
KWEREWOLF137 years ago
How do you put the fur on... Do you cut it and glue in on in pieces or sections?
missmonster (author)  KWEREWOLF137 years ago
no offense but..did you read this instructable? Step 8 answers your question.
Ziegbod7 years ago
I am currently making something similar to this, A husky dog fursuit. Wouldn't the clay on the mask be heavy and hot on the inside? What I did was use plastic mesh (like for crosstitch thing) and used rubber bands and brass fasteners for the moving jaw, had a Popsicle stick glued right under were my chin goes. With the mesh design you could add a little fan inside to.
missmonster (author)  Ziegbod7 years ago
Plastic mesh would be more breathable if you'd want to go that route...but do you add foam and fur on top of that? Wouldnt it be hot no matter what? Also can you get realistic shapes using the plastic mesh techniques? Sorry, just curious about the idea :)
I finished my mask but didnt have time for the rest of the outfit, you can get realistic shapes with mesh as a muzzle and ears, I added foam on top for more "features" of my husky costume (looks like a wolf) after the foam you add fur. My mask isn't "hot" but it can be with more foam, i used the minimum mesh and foam i could use. Its not hot inside, but if you decide to use more a small fan is easily capable of making for inserting. a small pc fan run off a 9 volt works wounders. The moveable jaw is easy with brads and and rubber bands. (my jaw attachment peice broke so I can revamp my mask later) my nose isn't as good as I wanted, I used felt, wish I had vinyl. If you need more info most of my research i got from Matrices.net. Only thing I had problems with was seams lol
Just to let you know, you are talking about "Plastic Canvas" and can be had in quite a few shapes and sizes right at WlaMart.
piper12347 years ago
you HAVE TO post the pics if you go out to the street with it and some video at youtube too , we'd like to see it in action ; )
piper12347 years ago
wow watta job to do it , it reminds me some old terror movies costumes, ; ) this look more realistic though , you can record a short film in b/w and some effects and it'd look so retro cool :D those teeth scare :P
flumpies7 years ago
awesome job that thing rocks very creative
survivor5697 years ago
this is amazing! i wish i had the skills to make one, and the time =]
to be honest i think this is the best costume instructable ive seen. very good work!!!
missmonster (author)  survivor5697 years ago
oh wow thank you so much..what a kind thing to say! :)
no problem =] i was wandering also, were you wearing a red contact lense in the photo when you finished the head? it looks really cool if you were.
missmonster (author)  survivor5697 years ago
yes i was..i have one orange eye and one white eye lens :)
I have to say it: "Werewolf?" (points) "There wolf."
why are you talking like that?
missmonster (author)  sdedalus20007 years ago
"why are you talking like that?" was the next line after Igor says "there wolf. there castle."
missmonster (author)  sdedalus20007 years ago
gah, i totally ruined that! ;)
He's quoting "Young Frankenstein."
i know it was the next line after Igor said "there castle"
missmonster (author)  Brian Henderson7 years ago
haha! :D
Wow, this is VERY impressive. I guess there's always next year for me.
missmonster (author)  garageprinter7 years ago
Thank you! Start when summer hits ;)
Wow. Well done costume, and nice Instructable. Thanks.
missmonster (author)  elemental eye7 years ago
It's my pleasure! :)
I am going as a Satyr for Halloween and I was stumped on how to make the legs look they had reversed knees. Your instructable has totaly helped me out!!!
missmonster (author)  reallybigflip7 years ago
Oh YAY! I'm so glad to hear that! Have fun :D
Tytanium7 years ago
This costume is awesome, good work :). I am going to construct one for next year for sure.
missmonster (author)  Tytanium7 years ago
thank you..please do, id love to see it!
I plan on making one of these; this is definitely one of my favourite instructables, thanks and.....hoooooowwwwl!
missmonster (author)  Chris Bilton7 years ago
please show it off when you are done!
how long did it take you to build this? it's looks really detailed and i must do it for next year.
I think if I had alot of time i could have built it in about two months...i had to work on it on and off though so it's tough to judge.
GrantLevy7 years ago
Hollywood's gonna be looking for you! If they haven't found out about you, they should!
missmonster (author)  GrantLevy7 years ago
That would rule!
Runeshai7 years ago
That's pretty freaking cool. I just watched Blood & Chocolate the other night (it's a werewolf movie, but they just used wolves), and it was better than expected. Very cool, Ilike the "Employees Must Wash Hands" sin in the mirror in one of the pics. Heh, but very ice, incredible work, I was skeptical but it came togeher at the end, looks awesome!
missmonster (author)  Runeshai7 years ago
thank you, glad you like how it came out. I was actually skeptical too before i put it all together...
guyfrom7up7 years ago
:0 my god if you don't win the costume contest thing than the worlds gunna blow up.
missmonster (author)  guyfrom7up7 years ago
haha, thank you!
This is one of if not the best instructable ever! Your finished product looks absolutely amazing. More convincing than costumes they use in movies. Could combine with the angel wings to become a Flying Eraser (pretty much werewolves with wings) from the "Maximum Ride" book series.
missmonster (author)  highvoltageev7 years ago
Thanks! Wow a flying werewolf, THAT would be scary...no escape!
baby2217 years ago
I just wanted to say that I really loved this design -- so much so that the day I came across it, I called up my partner and said, "I've found your costume, now we just need to make it." I don't think it's going to look as cool as this one, but thanks for sharing :)
missmonster (author)  baby2217 years ago
haha, thank you! Loking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Zetheros7 years ago
wow, really nice. I once tried to make a wolf head and a suit of armor and failed miserably =/
missmonster (author)  Zetheros7 years ago
haha it sounds cool though...i originally wanted to make crazy black leather armor for this werewolf!
kenludd7 years ago
Excellent work missmonster! inspiring - having the last name "Talbot" my love for the wolves goes way back. Question; how much did you end up spending on this creation? - I'm not alone! we're already taking about next year! Happy Halloween.
missmonster (author)  kenludd7 years ago
Hi! Reposting the answer from another comment sorry to be lame: hi! Well things like the contacts and the special NFT fur that i used for the mane and head bumped the cost up by $300...but if you just do the foam, fur,leotards etc you might be looking at $100-$150 assuming you already have a dremel tool to use. So about $400 depending on what tools you have and how fancy you want to get with the fur. PS, i would KILL for that last name! :D
zero09287 years ago
wow u have a talent for this stuff AMAZING job 5 stars
missmonster (author)  zero09287 years ago
thank you!
charles937 years ago
good costume but how money i need to do this ???? hum?
missmonster (author)  charles937 years ago
I will repost my response to another user that asked the same question: " Well things like the contacts and the special NFT fur that i used for the mane and head bumped the cost up by $300...but if you just do the foam, fur,leotards etc you might be looking at $100-$150 assuming you already have a dremel tool to use." So around $400 depending on what tools you have and how fancy you want to get with the fur.
Sorry for commenting again....

I was just curious where you found so much fake fur for under $150.... I'm probably just not looking hard enough but I can't find that much for under $300. =/
Any help at all would be much appreciated! Thanks a Lot!
missmonster (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
I got mine at Hancock fabrics, at least the majority of it. That was about $20 a yard and i think I only got 3 yards or so? The expensive stuff is the National Fiber Technology fur, the high quality longer stuff i used for the back of the head and the hunch's mane and a few accents. I did spend about $130 just for that fur alone...but boy it is worth it.
Sorry for bothering you again...
About how wide was the stuff you bought? (I am unable to think for myself)
missmonster (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
haha, no problem! i m not sure how wide it was...i think when they cut it for you at the store it's like a yard wide and however many yards you ask for lengthwise...i hope that's right :) If you have any more questions please ask!
Cloth on "bolts" (the cardboard things the cloth is wrapped on) is usually 54 inches wide, and they cut it every 36 inches, per yard. hope that's helpful.
Thank You!
I plan on making one of these; this is definitely my favorite instructable!
If it turns out anything like yours I will send you a pic for criticism. =D
missmonster (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
I'd love to see it!
gmoon7 years ago
Well done, very nice costume!

(But I really love the photos in step 5, before you added the hair. Looks like a giant hairless chiguagua...and scarier than a werewolf.)
jongscx gmoon7 years ago
"Yo quiero... Taco... RAWRR!!!!"
gmoon jongscx7 years ago
Hehehe. Here's hoping Paris Hilton has nightmares filled with Hell's Chiguagua....
missmonster (author)  gmoon7 years ago
LOL! It looks like one of those hairless dogs. You are right...way scarier with no fur!
i thought maybe more along the lines of a jackal. anubis on crack anyone?
missmonster (author)  oi__lads7 years ago
Hahahaaa! I'm picturing Anubis with crackhead shakes LOL
LULZ! junkie Anubis. that needs to be drawn. SKETCHBOOK GET!
The Kreator7 years ago
How much did it cost just to make the mask because I don't think i have enuf money for the hole thing. Also awesome Instructables
bethehammer7 years ago
You Rock! Great instructable!
Do you think that this could be combined with the angel wings?
missmonster (author)  Mr. Squiggles7 years ago
An angel wolf? If that floats your boat then sure! :)
bugmenot7 years ago
And nine years later I finished this work of art.
missmonster (author)  bugmenot7 years ago
;) i start planning my costume the day after halloween!
moleodonuts7 years ago
Simply amazing costume. You've got me all inspired but I was wondering where you found all these types of foam? I've had bad luck so far finding anything but rigid stuff.
missmonster (author)  moleodonuts7 years ago
I got you covered! At crafty places like JoAnns Michaels and even Wal Mart, they have upholstery foam. The green stuff is very expensive so i used some chair pad foam. Super duper cheap and works fine! I hope this helps...
Juklop7 years ago
Awesome, but I was wondering: where the heck do you get clear Polyurethane? I've been looking for some since for like, forever.
missmonster (author)  Juklop7 years ago
i may have used confusing language..i meant polyurethane spray. You can get that and brush on polyurethane at Home Depot and places like that. It's in the paint section, near the glues and stuff. I'm sorry if i got your hopes up for something else :)
bop967 years ago
Where can you get cell-u-clay? If you like fire check out my instructable (FLAME THROWER)its the one that has a big flame on the picture and its proably going to be the first one to pop-up.
missmonster (author)  bop967 years ago
hi! You can buy it at most art/craft stores...look in the sculpture section. If you cant find it at Michaels/Pearl/Blicks it is available online! :) Have fun!
thanks!!! Have a good Halloween!!!
bop967 years ago
how much money was the head,arms,and and feet alone?
missmonster (author)  bop967 years ago
I'd estimate maybe $50-$70 depending on what kind of shoes you buy for the feet.
thaks, I am planning on making just the arms, legs, and the head with a ripped up shirt. So it looks like I am just about to turn into a werewolf:-)
missmonster (author)  bop967 years ago
thats a great idea!!
rocketbat7 years ago
WOW! i must ambush someone with one of these on!
missmonster (author)  rocketbat7 years ago
haha! I know im going to :)
ewilhelm7 years ago
Simply amazing! May I suggest that you use one of the images from the last step as the intro image?
missmonster (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
Glad you like it! Aw, but i really like the image of me "driving" the truck :) It's got such a great curiosity inducing WTF factor.
I think that pic is my favorite one! What an incredible costume - definitely a labor of love! It looks great!
missmonster (author)  Brian Henderson7 years ago
Thank you! It was indeed a labor of love. Literally blood, sweat, and tears went into this one, haha!
Wolf Seril7 years ago
This is really cool, but it seems like a lot of work and is pretty expensive. Personally I would rather rent a pre made one, but if you have the time and the cash (not to mention the skill) this is pretty awesome.
missmonster (author)  Wolf Seril7 years ago
yeah, i guess it is alot of work and is pricey. But you have a great costume you can wear for many years if you take care of it, plus you get to show off your mad DIY skills instead of just wearing something store bought :) Glad you like it though!
Dael7 years ago
first off, simply amazing. second, how much did this cost you to make?? id love to make one, but im pretty strapped for cash =(
missmonster (author)  Dael7 years ago
hi! Well things like the contacts and the special NFT fur that i used for the mane and head bumped the cost up by $300...but if you just do the foam, fur,leotards etc you might be looking at $100-$150 assuming you already have a dremel tool to use.
Well I better get started for next year. Thank you for the great Instructable.
missmonster (author)  DerekMellott7 years ago
Cool! Show me what you make with this :) Enjoy !
CameronSS7 years ago
My only compliant is that the teeth are a little too big. I'm not sure if that werewolf would be able to open her mouth wide enough to bite me.

Also, you could just stop after Step 1 and be the Phantom.
Nabil CameronSS7 years ago
i did, but the hardest way... alginate, plaster, paper mache, just to try the techniques and do a one night phantom of the opera mask...
missmonster (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
haha, it's funny that a few people have brought up the logistics of the teeth.Of course they wouldnt work in nature, you are right LOL! I draw alot of monsters and I love to make the teeth huge and ridiculous in my art. I like a little bit of exaggeration. It's way more fun that way, dont you think? :)
bop967 years ago
dude this is an awsome costume!!! I was wandering were you could get plaster strips?
missmonster (author)  bop967 years ago
I have bought them at Michaels and JoAnn fabrics..the officiall name of the product is "Rigid Wrap". It comes in a roll and is packaged in a plastic bag.It's like the plaster gauze that was used in old school injured arm casts. You can usually find it in the same section with sculpey and other sculptural materials.
Ah I've used this stuff its good but my art teacher called it "Modrock" well thats how it sounded not sure on spelling...:P
Williz7 years ago
Wow that makes for one hell of a costume. Good Job!
missmonster (author)  Williz7 years ago
thank you so much! :D
Wow, that is beyond amazing... Do you make costumes for a living?
missmonster (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
thank you! I don't make costumes for a living ( though iam a part time freelance artist), but that would be AWESOME to just make these all day :D
sepboi7 years ago
dang! that is sooo bad ass! im a lupine lover myself, been trying to figuere the best way to fit the snout onto my face
missmonster (author)  sepboi7 years ago
thanks! Gotta love the werewolves...
mikeasaurus7 years ago
best costume I have ever seen. Warewolf ftw!
missmonster (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
Wow, thank you!!
Very Keri7 years ago
Wow! You're hired! :)
missmonster (author)  Very Keri7 years ago
haha, sweet! :D
AncientWays7 years ago
Question: the leotard stretches...fake fur (or "real fake fur" as my 5 yr old nephew calls it...he's getting a gorilla suit for xmas) doesn't stretch. How did you resolve this? Did you just use the leotard as a base and cut the fur larger to fit? (Fabu costume by the way!)
missmonster (author)  AncientWays7 years ago
hi! I solves that by using peices of fur cut according to what part of the body they are going on. Like cutting the muscle shapes out and applying them that way..then you sew the pices together once it's all glued on. This way there is a little more give to the costume. I hope this helps!
Ahhhh! Thank you!
missmonster (author)  AncientWays7 years ago
No problem...hey and a tip on cutting fur ( you may already know, forgive me if you do) I cut the back of the fur, the fabric part ,with an exacto knife. This keeps the fur intact, as scissors can slice off the fur when you cut it and make it hard to blend pieces.
Honus7 years ago
missmonster (author)  Honus7 years ago
Thank you so much!