Update 9/22/2011: 
 Thanks for checking out this tutorial! I get a lot of questions about this every year around this time and they are usually the same, so let's clear up a couple things.

-Where to buy fur: http://www.mendels.com/fur2.shtml or google/ebay "faux fur"
-Where to buy foam: Michaels or JoAnn's... or other fabric/crafting store, ask for upholstery foam
-How much fur do I need?: I cannot answer this since everyone is a different size and i can't remember how much i used for the project.

-Can i borrow/have/buy the costume? No, the costume does not exist any more. All that is left is the head and it's not in the best of shape. The rest was used for other projects  (keep in mind this is a 4 year old project) 

-Will you build me a costume? Sorry, im not available for that. Thats why i made this tutorial! :)

This is just one way to build this sort of costume... there are all sorts of better materials and methods out there! See how you can put your own spin on it or improve it. If you run into a problem, try researching it a bit by poking around online... sometimes that can lead you to a better solution. Basically don't be afraid and just try it out... that is how you are going to learn!

I'm sorry to say that i will not be answering questions about this build due to a very booked work schedule.

Have a great Halloween!

Create your own werewolf costume! Moving jaw, padded body, lots of fur!

I'd like to express how excited Iam to see this posted around the internet. This is my second full crazy costume, the first being an armored demon. I do costuming as a hobby but Iam a full time artist.

Had I known so many people would be looking at this, i would have documented the steps a little better. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via commenting on this site and I'll try to answer them as best i can.

Thank you for checking out my Instructable. I hope it inspires you to make a big mean creature of your own!
Have a great Halloween!

Step 1: start the head!

You will need:

Upholstrey foam
plaster gauze strips
hot glue
needle and thread

Using plaster strips, make a little half mask. Dont forget to lube your face with some lotion!

When the half mask is done, start adding some foam to protect your noggin. Nothing too thick, you dont want the wolf to have a huge balloon cranium ( or maybe you do, whatever) With the foam added, now make a little elastic bit to hold it on. Sew it into a ring and add a lttle hot glue to the sewn parts to make sure it stays. Add some strips over the foam to make it more solid.
mine's all done
Great Tutorial! I finally tried making one of my own. I only did the mask and gloves though. I won &quot;Scariest Costume&quot; at a local bar with it!<br>
Ya know, I never posted any pictures on my finished Werewolf costume. Missmonster, thank you soooo much for all the info on this instructable. i really enjoyed making this costume!! Here are a few pictures of my costume in various stages of construction.<br />
Hello!<br /> <br /> I&#39;m an intern here at instructables.com and we really liked this project! Thanks for showing us how you recreated it.<br /> <br /> To show our thanks, you are getting a 3 month pro membership, check your message box for details!<br /> <br /> Thanks for using instructables.com!<br />
I love this! I'm trying to duplicate it myself and so far so good. I'm going with a Wendigo style though because I'm native american. Check it out! :D
<p>Check out mine! </p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&amp;v=B65Xf6ynsLM</p>
hi missmonster <br>were can i get fur like your costume has. ive checked fabric land and many other places. looking for fur like yours. if u can direct me it would be greatly appreciated. jason
Amazing tutorial! Thank you!
I had no intention of reading this, I just couldn't resist the cover photo of a car driving werewolf... May have to get some digitigrade stilts and make a were terrier now.... Jack the Ripper Russell, maybe?
<p>Im speachless, this suit is amazing. the bad thing is, i don't really have the any skill in costume making, let alone the skill to make one of these, i know this kind of defeats the purpose of making an instruct able, but would you consider selling these online? As you can tell by my username I'm a HUGE fan of werewolves, and i'd really love to buy one! email me if you are interested. my email is zwolfking78@gmail.com. Thanks!</p>
This is by far the COOLEST and BEST werewolf costume I've ever seen. I've never seen something to top this. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
<p>I found these instructions about a year ago. They were very helpful in building my own werewolf costume. I started making mine in November of 2013 and I finished it all(with the exception of the tail) last week (end of August 2014). I love it. I will have to post some pictures of it sometime when i have it all on together. Again thank you for posting these intructions.</p>
how sturdy is the costume cause I am almost 13 yr old girl and Im a tomboy I like to rough house and I want to modify it so I can walk on all 4s
This would scare the crap out of me if I saw it at night
It may not be halloween for a while but this project will take quite some time to do my werewolf costume idea is a bit like a costume that furries where but way better no I am not a furry if you are thinking that anyways my plan for the chest and leg areas is to make the costume quite tight and a bit slick sorta like the hair on a dog that way its not like the size of a door and in the legs there would be a slight bit of padding in the legs for muscle looks so that way it would look realistic then in the chest area I would put padding in to make the werewolf look strong same for arms but hands the paws would actually be hands like thumbs and all like most werewolf costumes now in the chest area I am also putting abs to look stronger because if I go to a costume party I want to meet some girls :3 anyway now most of this has been pretty much a normal werewolf costume w comes for possibly the best but most difficul idea of my costume I am going to set it up by using maybe fiberglass poles basically something light and durable and using a techne like the headset on braces I would connect some of said material from earlier and connect them as joints then connedt each of the poles to the jointed stuff if yiu make the mouth right everything you say should actually look like the werewolf costume is moving its mouth the exact way as yours I will do sime work and tell more qbout it later sorry for spelling errors
Where did u buy the fur??
How did you stain your fangs? Also, what exactly is tool dip (or is it tool tip like you mention in the next step)? I'm a newbie at DIY stuff, so I don't really know much about paints etc.
inumo... as for the teeth, she said &quot;The teeth have been sealed with a glossy clear epoxy. Do a test on your epoxy first, because the brand I used for the bottom teeth yellowed within a month or two and they no longer matched.<br>The teeth are not a pure white, either..I did stain them a little but it doesnt show up too well in the flash. &quot;
... And I'm wondering what she did to stain them. I get that she sealed them with the epoxy. As stated in the original post, I'm a newbie at this stuff, so it's not like I know what to do when someone says &quot;stain this.&quot; Did she soak them in tea? Is is kinda like wood staining? I don't really know anything when it comes to this...<br><br>Also, since you seem to be willing to help... Do you happen to know what tool (d/t)ip is?
Tool dip = plastidip or liquid latex.
This is a AWESOME costume. I am wondering how thick the foam is?
hey missmonster, i'm a great fan of your illustrative work and i love your werewolf costume to bits!<br />i'm english and it seems a little harder to come across all the required bits (unless i want to ship from other countries) but i was just wondering what exactly it is you use to coat the bits and pieces to keep them solid and protected?
Hey, I'm trying to make this costume this year (I know, I've tried it before but it failed miserably) but, (if you're still interested) she probably used fiberglass resin. You can find it under the automobile section in most superstores. <br>Hope this helped!
My email is countrywolfgirl@gmail.com if you can I would like some tips
I love it!! One question, How do you attach the arms to the rest of the costume?
how did you make the teeth?
If I were to make this costume, how much fur would I need? I'm a 5' 2&quot; girl btw.
I just stumbled upon this and I must say I'm speechless. Whoa. Superb work!<br>What did you use to trim the fur? Just electric razor?
furries, yay :D<br><br>awesome costume, you have talent :)
I dunno if this will get answered but how is the wire from the below jaw made into the hook for the ring? Or is there another ring attached to the wire?
just bend the wire
Gracias, necesitaba desesperadamente este tutorial para una fiesta de cumplea&ntilde;os de mi hijo. <br> <br>Thanks very much, I need this tutorial for a birthday party of my child.
thanks for the inspiration working on my 3 wolf now your steps help a lot, i am changing it for my self adding and taking away to what i see. thanks agian
Also, what are you using for the legs?<br />
It's a Unitard
What are you using for the legs? I am going to try and build this for haloween. :) Is it tights? Because i think i may see a seam.
We're making one and have found that contact cement works better than hot glue... it sticks to everything and is STRONG
I can testify for feralucce, contact cement is really the way to go.<br><br>also, is there foam on the back of the paws too? Where is it placed?
:P at this stage the legs remind me of Lucario. I am going to make this costume for halloween, but I think I'll sidestep the body making step and just be a clothed werewolf. Great Instructable!
How the heck did you get a picture of my wolf!!!lol....except her teeth arnt exaggerated!lol Great Job!!
how long did this take you?
That's a really awesome costume! :)
excellent work <br>inst it amazing what we can do with such common items <br>again excellent work ***** 5 stars
how big of upholstrey foam do i need to use? im very confused on this...
I made some wonderful satyr pants for my boyfriend after meeting someone at the Folsom Street Fair and he told me how he got the instructions from this website. The instructions were great and I really appreciate all the work that went into them. I sewed the fur pants separately as opposed to gluing them on. It seemed more durable, so I would be interested to hear how durable people found the original design. If anyone is interested I can put the pattern on the website for the pants.<br>Thanks so much.
I would love to see your pattern!!! I'm making a satyr costume too and I'm scared to deal with this fur. Glue or sew?! Could use any help/insight.
Love the tutorial. I do hope somewhere down the line to make a suit for meself. Very nice work.
Great looking pair of feet! I was just wondering where to get a good pair of plastic claws at?

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