Step 6: Make some paws!

You will need:
Baseball batter's gloves
Plastic craft claws
needle n' thread
fake fur
armature wire
opera gloves
acrylic paint
clear polyurethane

Foam over a baseball batters glove. Hot glue it on. The wires will make the claws sturdy on top of my fingers ( the claws will fit over the wire, create a hole in the claw with the dremel tool). The foam makes my hand look like it has different stubbier joints and hopefully a little less human.

Glue the claws onto the finger wire with epoxy. Paint your claws and seal with the clear epoxy. I painted the paw pads first with the latex to reduce to pores of the foam, the went over that with black tool tip. ( there are better ways to make paw pads but this is what i did) I shaved down the finger tip fur and let it fade into longer fur on the back of the hand.

Cut the fingers off of the opera gloves, put one on and insert it into the glove. Using hot glue...yes, hot glue...glue on strips of fur up to your elbows. The trick is to use a low heat glue gun ( NOT the large high heat!)...apply your glue onto the strip of fur, let it cool for a minute and then apply it to the opera glove. It will be warm but won't burn you. You just need it to stick enough to hold in place. Once all the fur is attached, remove the opera glove with the paw still attached and sew all of the fur seams together. Lower arm done!

feralucce4 years ago
We're making one and have found that contact cement works better than hot glue... it sticks to everything and is STRONG
Motts feralucce4 years ago
I can testify for feralucce, contact cement is really the way to go.

also, is there foam on the back of the paws too? Where is it placed?
Reptle4 years ago
I'm curious by the direction of the fur you chose. I'm having the same problem with the muzzle.. in all realism, shouldn't the fur be going down the arm itself, rather then up?

It probably gives it a more scruffy look that way I suppose. I'm still debating it. Gonna do a mix i think. Paw itself being upwards, arm being downwards. it'll hide some of the glue I'll use for the details between both.
Inumo5 years ago
Probably gonna be a year or two before I have the moneys for this, but... From what I know, hot glue stiffens up once it dries. Did you use some kind of specialty hot glue instead to make sure you could still move your hand around, or did you just use normal hot glue because it wasn't a problem?
Umbrahound6 years ago
Where did you get foam like that? Ive never been able to find thick foam.
camp pad.
They have the foam at Joann's Fabric or at other places that sell stuff to do upholstery.  You do not have to buy a full sheet at Joann's just look for a smaller piece that is left over from someone else. I get a couple of feet at a time. They will also cut a big sheet smaller for you.
This picture fits perfectly with the sign in back....XD *Employees must wash hands...
how did you change the color of the fur?
ErnestoGP6 years ago
why is the fur violet/pink in the fourth picture?
lironess6 years ago
Makin the paws this year! Did you foam the top of the fingers too or is that just fur on there?
chatake6 years ago
Hey! How did you make the claws? Or did you buy them?
jancola chatake6 years ago
I *think* the claws are the plastic ones used in kid's crafts, like for stringing necklaces. Google product search "Plastic bear claws"
lobo_pal6 years ago
Where'd you find such long fur?
lironess6 years ago
When you made the paws, I can not see how you wired the claws on, it is hidden by the foam......I'd like to see it or hear from you. Wonderful costume. I love to show this to my friends who love werewolves.