Introduction: Reassemble X10 Wall Switch

reassemble an x10 model WS467 wall switch, after you've modded it.

Step 1: Prepare Front Cover

Step 2: Reinstall Board

Step 3: Prepare Cutoff Switch

Step 4: Reinstall Cutoff Switch

Step 5: Reinstall Front Panel

Step 6: Reinstall Triac Screw

Step 7: Thread Wires

Step 8: Final Assembly


rethomas1972 made it!(author)2008-03-16

The weak link with all X-10 lamp modules is that the Triac shorts out & the lamp stays on. The Triac is shown in step 2 on the right hand side midway up. (The 3 legged device with the heat sink.) a shorted light bulb or trying to connect an inductive load such as a Fluorescent lamp or motor will blow the Triac. They are available at Radio Shack for about a buck.

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