Reclaimed Wooden Bed




Introduction: Reclaimed Wooden Bed

i made this bed for my 4 year old son who likes pirates and vikings.
i used some leftover mdf to constructe the base and the drawers. i then nailed some reclaimes wood around the base.

Step 1: Base and Set Up

so first i made the base in mdf (18mm). then i primered the mdf to make sure the reclaimed wood would glue better onto the mdf. the wood was just old planks that came off an old shed when I tore it down. the drawers are made of mdf and i pit small runners underneat them.

Step 2: Sanding...a Lot of Sanding

the wood was sanded smooth bij using an orbital and belt sander taking it through p60-80-120-180-220-320 and finally p400 sanding paper. i finished the bed with a grey wash waterbased oil.

Step 3: Happy and Helpfull Kid

result: one happy little kid who is convinced he has an actual pirate bed.



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