Reclaiming Wood and Making Stuff With It Pt. 2: Getting Tools on the Cheap





Introduction: Reclaiming Wood and Making Stuff With It Pt. 2: Getting Tools on the Cheap

About: i am an artist and musician. i make things of use out of things that no longer have use. i think the hip term is "upcycling." i post a lot of inspirational and entertainment videos on oc...

in part two of my series designed to make reclaiming wood and making things with it accessible to everyone, i show how to get pretty much all the tools you need, used and for cheap. i spend $25 at a second hand shop on hand tools and in part 3-5 (to come) i prove their worth.

these tools and a box made with them will be auctioned to benefit the fresh air fund. the auction will be on ebay and begins feb 21. when i post part 3. a link will come with it.

auction: (the store) (me)

part one of the series is also on instructables:

and please check back next week for the auction and part 3.

thanks for watching,



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    You cleaned up with that wood score! There isn't much by me I ever find.

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    yes, i did get lucky with this pile. it's basically only cedar, but still useful.

    contractors hate throwing the stuff away, too, (it costs them) but often they don't have the time or manpower to reclaim it themselves. introduce yourself. give them your number. they may even call!