Recorder Dart Gun


Introduction: Recorder Dart Gun


this is one i thought of one rainy day when i had an old recorder from elementary school (mean teachers made us buy them) and i decided to make somthing cool out of it. so i made somthing that shoots pointy thinks that hold food squirs skues somthing like that dont know) but it shoots them.

Step 1: What You Need

There are just a few simple things you need a

1. recorder
2. strong tape
3. those pointy food thinks squirs skurs somthing like that
4. big rubber band
5. dremel

Step 2: Making the Dart

cut off the end of the suie or what ever its call i cant figure it out but from now one im just going to call it the dart.

cut it off with a dremel

now tape that end up so it does not cut the rubber band

there should be a pointy end i sanded it so it is very sharp i did that with a dremel.

make sure the dart is flat

Step 3: Makeing the Gun

grap the old recorder and take off the part where you mouth goes through that part a way if you want we dont need that.

cut the rubber band so that it is not a loop

the bottom part of the recorder take the rubber band and put the middle of the rubber band there now pull both ends to the other side and tape them on there

(did not get a picture of that but it should look like the picture in the intro sry)

Step 4: What It Can Do

this is pritty deadly just look at the picture

and dont worry if it does not shoot the way you want it to the first time try pulling the rubberband back further or closer but it is pritty cool once you get the hang of it.



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    HOLY **** I LOVE THIS TING, but instead, i carved a notch in a wooden skewer, and wrapped yarn around it and shot it outa pvc pipe and it went thru my foot from across the room :)

    Lol,the police come investing a murder crime. The police go,"how did you kill him!??!?!" the murderer says,"w-w-w-ith a-a-a (thinks about Instructables) recorder!!Yea!!That's it!!With a recorder..!! Lol it's a classinc,nice job man.i give it a 9/10. ~DEZIRE @(>_<)@

    perhaps u could make it so it would work with no mods to the recorder so it looks normal

    ive been trying to modify my old capgun (its a revolver type) to shoot bullets but i need a little help ao i was wondering if u would help on this project?

    i thought of this idea when i was makeing it but yaa it is a good way to get rid of one im sry that there is not enuff detail on step 3 this is my first instructable lol it goes far but it does not stay going strait to well but if you put fins on it it may you dont realy need a dremel unless you want it to go into things realy good ir if you cna find a nother way to cut the big things that are on the back of them wow this is a long comment lol

    This is similar to a lot of other instructables but this is a way to get rid of those retarded recorders. could use more detail on step 3

    Ha! i just realized i have a recorder. But not a dremel...oh man. How far does it go?