Recycled Drawer Pull Barrettes





Introduction: Recycled Drawer Pull Barrettes

Take an old cabinet drawer pull with a retro or intriguing design and repurpose it for your hair.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Cabinet drawer pulls.  (My local Habitat For Humanity store had mismatched old cabinet pulls for 10 cents a piece.)

a means for filing metal.  I'm using a tile wet saw.  That may constitute tool abuse, but most metals were once mixed in with stone, so I don't see a problem here.

Elastic hair band

Step 2: Cut and File

Wearing safety glasses and earplugs if needed:

Cut away excess length to the standoff with a saw.  Keep your fingers well away from the saw blade.

File halfway through the standoff to make notches.

Smooth down any rough edges with a file.

Wash your hands and everything afterwards to remove any little bits of metal dust.

Step 3: Attach an Elastic

Attach an elastic that fits snugly through the notches you made.

Step 4: Finis

Wear it in your hair at the hardware store and see if anyone notices what it is.   =)

Step 5: Afternote: the Failed Approach

I tried metal forming my own wire clip to secure it but I am no MrBaleng.

This was very difficult and frustrating and didn't work well.

The elastic through the notches works well enough and is much much easier.



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    Holy WOW, this is FABULOUS!! I am so inspired by this!! Seriously, this is fabulous!!

    I was thinking, hmm, saw off the screw-receptacle bits, adhere to a barette blank. But this way is much cooler, and when the elastic goes, it's really easy to fix. Nice!!

    Do these actually stay in your hair? I'm just... wow. Love this!!

    I bet you could also use solder to attach these to metal barrettes or clips, for small knobs or pulls. You are NOT helping my list of things to experiment with!! :D

    hehe. Yes, some of these are heavier than normal barrettes, to be sure. But if a person had thick curly hair, no problem right? The lighter ones stay allright. I have very thin hair, so I have to wear a light one. And yes, it would work better to solder them to the barrette clips, but I wanted to be a purist. =)

    I totally get that. So many of my projects would be easier if I wasn't so darned intent on doing it all myself!

    This is so clever!! I wear things in my hair all the time, and I always see handles I love. I will be trying this.

    And it works for self defense...Nice...!!!!

    I love Habitat For Humanity!