Kids' Chair Made of Recycled Materials





Introduction: Kids' Chair Made of Recycled Materials

About: I'm a stuff maker. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I don't, but I keep moving forward. I'm in a constant seek for new materials and technics to use in further projects.

I recommend this chair for kids under 6 year old, because of
the size of the chair it would be uncomfortable for bigger kids.


You can find most of the materials at your home (or in a toys store)

1) A clean 5 gallons plastic bucket
2) A plastic flying ring
3) A plastic flying disc
4) A piece of wood of 1 inch where you can draw the bottom of the bucket
5) A little bath toy bucket (if want)
6) A wood broomstick 
7) 4 (four) metal squares about 4 inch
8) 8 (eight) 1 inch screws 
9) 4 (four) 1 1/2 inch screws
10) 1 or 2 sand papers for wood
11) Cardboard or paper sheets 
12) Pencil
13) A drill
14) Something to cut the bucket (I used hot knives)
15) Scissors 
16) Paint

Step 2: START

Once you have the materials the first step is to take the sizes or proportions of the bucket.

1) Cover the body of the bucket with a white cardboard from under the metal handle and to the bottom
2) Mark the bottom in the cardboard as guide of how high will be the back of the chair
3) Mark  the perimeter you want the chair's back will cover. 
4) Quit the cardboard and draw the design you want the chair's back  will have, fold in half for symmetry and cut the pattern   


Use the cardboard pattern to draw the design of your chair in the bucket.
Remember the bucket's bottom is the sit.

then cut the bucket by the line, be careful.
After cutting use the sand paper for making smooth the edges of the bucket


1) Use the bottom of the bucket to mark a guideline on the wood and then cut the circle. And cut the broomstick in four pieces 
2) Mark the wood circle as in image and make four holes for the sticks making sure to not go all through the wood.
3) Use the metal squares and use the 1 inch screws to set the sticks

use the sand paper to make smooth edges  

(the metal squares are 90°, for making a bigger angle you can
hit them with a hammer until they have the angle you wish. This
chair uses an angle about 100°)


Use the image as a guide.

1) The feet at the bottom, then the cut bucket, then the flying ring and the flying disk at the top.
2) Make the holes for the 1 1/2 inch screws  as in second image


This is optional

you can add the bath toy bucket at the back of the sit using some screws or using silicon or a special glue for plastic. I used two screws with screw nut or threads (whatever name it has)

At this point you can paint the chair and then assemble the pieces or you can put together all the pieces (including the back bucket) and paint the chair at the end.

wait until paint dry and there you have, a little chair for your kids.     



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    This is it! Good idea, and it makes an impression :)

    Very nice!

    That is a great instructable. I am going to try this some day.

    I used hot knives. Just put two table knives on the stove until they where red and then I perforated the bucket with them. Is actually very easy, it takes you about 15 minutes, but you have to be careful first of not burn yourself with the hot knife, and second because the smoke of the plastic while cutting. If you gonna use this process be sure of use protection for hands and feet and a mask for your nose.