Recycled Pizza Box Boomerang





Introduction: Recycled Pizza Box Boomerang

this is a fun instructable to do with kids after having takeout pizza.

Step 1: Supplies

all you need to gather from around the house are....

a empty pizza box
12 inch ruler
& a throwing arm

Step 2: Remove the Lid

use the scissors to cut the lid off the pizza box.

Step 3: Tracing 1

place the top to the box on a table.
place the ruler in the center of the box.
trace the 12 inch ruler with your maker.

Step 4: Marking the Cross Point

while ruler is still in place
use your marker to make dots at 5.5 in. and 6.5 in. on both sides of the rectangle.
this has now made the point were you will cross the ruler over the center of the first rectangle.

Step 5: Tracing 2

place the ruler between the dots that you made in the last set
this should create a X shape.
if it does, now trace the ruler.

Step 6: Cut Out Your Pattern

with your scissors cut out the outline of the X

Step 7: Shape the Blades

the only way the boomerang will return to you is if you shape the blades up words.
place one of the blades in between your two fingers
run your fingers upword starting at the center of the X toward the end.
repeat this on all four blades evenly.

Step 8: It's Time to Fly

place the boomerang vertical by your ear.
then throw in an upward
the boomerang should return to you.
if it doesn't just add a little bit more of a curve.



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    uhhhmm is there a way to make this last longer or make this mo stronger to withstand hitting hard surfaces?

    will u post this on my boomerang group, and join?

    this is really cool, if you post a video u will get featured, most likely

    Well done, PeterJr. Excellent work!

    When I was young I took a wooden boomerang over to my friends house and threw it right through their big dinning room window...

    LOL! Good thing this one is made from a softer material!

    This is so cool. What a quick and easy way to have some fun. It's a good excuse to buy pizza, too.

    Can you post a video?

    we are trying. as soon as we figure out how to, we will edit it. that is one of the great thing about the instructables web site, it is helping teach me how to use my computer to the fullest potential.