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v get a lot of  empty  tissue boxes so why not use them,,instead of making carboard boxes v shud use empty tissue boxes for many porpous..i want to keep my paper cutting in it..
here i hv just stapel 2 tissue boxes n made a basket..
wthat u need:
1=empty tissue box..
4=colourd paprs to cover box
5=ribbon its optional to make a rope 4 basket
i smpy cut the upper parts n paste that wth sides of gvs a streanght,,n then staple another box for 2 parts.n staple r paste ribon on both sides.n for a solid base just paste a cardboard peice on base.n just cover the sides wth paper.its up to u hw much decoration u  want..i used light colours here..i"ll decorate sm other boxes soon..


shadha.ali.5 (author)2015-06-08

Like this idea to keep stuff organized

being human (author)2013-07-31

thnx hareem

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