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Introduction: Red Dot Scope

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    This isn't a scope, as there are no optics, and this wouldn't work well as a sight as it's a stationary dot instead of reflex.

    thats epic... i got an airsoft red dot scope and modded a rail mount to my SS but the light in it died.or the batteries. not sure. but anyway if i cant get it working ill have to do something like this.

    My idea for one of these was to shine a 5mw dollar store laser onto a little frosted cylinder in the center of an acrylic sheet to make the red dot. that might be less intrusive than the black stem. I like your design. Simple and effective.

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    I would not recommend this. You will reflect part of the laser right back into your eye at close range...

    cool idea, one question though, where did you get the mounts?

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    hey thanks for watching my post you can get the mounts at any gun store or online

    hope you like my post. please leave comment if you like it.and thank you for looking at my video.