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this is a classically read neck truck it is only missing a few of the mods in thees pictures.


ilpug (author)2011-04-18

its "Pabst blue ribbon", although most rednecks i know around here prefer Great White or just plain ol' buddy weiser

abadfart (author)ilpug2011-04-19

ya i never bothered to know more than beer = good

onrust (author)2010-08-28

PBR rules.... and it makes a good fender!

abadfart (author)onrust2010-08-31

nice that is very red neck i approve

onrust (author)abadfart2010-08-31

I "stole" this photo from: if you like this, OMG is there more!

bwpatton1 (author)2009-12-26

Hmm.... It seems that I remember lots of comments here....I must be mistaken

abadfart (author)bwpatton12009-12-26

ya i dont know where they all went its ok  most of them were saying i was a bad person lol

TimAnderson (author)abadfart2010-01-07

RIP RNT!! lamentations!

did you drive it to the junkyard? I thought the mechanical parts of these things were immortal!

abadfart (author)TimAnderson2010-01-09

ya they should be but we drove like we we getting off the pillar of autumn   

masterochicken (author)abadfart2010-01-27


abadfart (author)masterochicken2010-01-27

 ya what killed it was a bad accident i busted an axle doin around 55 and almost fliped it and i left a big crack in the windshield where my head hit 

masterochicken (author)abadfart2010-01-27

Damn. Were you hurt bad?

abadfart (author)masterochicken2010-01-28

ya i had a concussion , broke my right shoulder   and 3 ribs 

masterochicken (author)abadfart2010-01-28

Damn, sorry man. I've only just cracked my rib before and I know just that is pretty damn painful.

abadfart (author)masterochicken2010-01-28

ya it hase been almost a year and it still hurts and its worse in the winter  

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