Introduction: Redone Even Easier Frag Grenades

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these aren't mine bobbyk881 redid some of my frags and the pictures weren't very good i just redid the pictures all credits go to bobby k881

Step 1: "SPLODER"

Picture of "SPLODER"

youll need six red connectors

its simple just follow the pictures

make two of the first picture then put them together like in the 3rd and 4th pictures

Step 2: "THE CLAW"

Picture of "THE CLAW"

easier than the last one you need 4 red connectors add together like below

Step 3: "PUNEY"

Picture of "PUNEY"

do i even have to explain this one?

have fun


thomaswatton (author)2008-09-21

Does anyone know the way to throw these frag grenades for maximum results reply to this if you want to know i should reply soon after

toolman883 (author)2008-07-07

good enuff

oodalumps (author)2008-02-01

There's been a lot of these kinds of "grenades" posted. I'm starting to get annoyed.

bobbyk881 (author)oodalumps2008-02-05

Uhh dude these were posted a while ago by me he just took better pictures.

oodalumps (author)bobbyk8812008-02-06

Doesn't mean there aren't a ton of these.

bobbyk881 (author)oodalumps2008-02-06


bobbyk881 (author)2008-01-30

SPAM!!! plus its not cool its a copy of KILLERK.

dsman195276 (author)bobbyk8812008-01-30

sorry bout the spam. i am sick and out of it today. when i posted that i was not thinking.

Baron A (author)dsman1952762008-02-02

"thinking" do you ever? (chuckles)

dsman195276 (author)Baron A2008-02-02

yea i do. a lot. let me ask you one question. what is this? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 20 and how much did i count to?

dsman195276 (author)bobbyk8812008-01-30

what are you talking bout?

the_burrito_master (author)2008-01-31

sure these are cool but rrgg if they don't blow up in fire theres no point. sorry.

bobbyk881 (author)2008-01-30

HA thanks for the credit.

the inventor (author)bobbyk8812008-01-30

kk sfe g

Whaleman (author)the inventor2008-01-30

In English.

altaria1993 (author)2008-01-30

yeeha! another thing to dislike!

dsman195276 (author)altaria19932008-01-30

yea this should be forum topic.

the inventor (author)2008-01-30

dont like it? dont look at it then you ass

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