I Atempted to make a ammo holder like the one here
It turned out great so i decided to make step by step direction on how to make 1


This project compatibable with the longshot and can be done totaly with out a recon so dont fret LS owners

Step 1: Materials

- longshot or recon
- longshot front gun or recon barrel
- dart tag 8 round revolver
- screw driver
- hot glue

tools (* required)
- *Drill or drill press
- *1 1/2" drillbit
- *zacto balade or razor
- band saw
- sand paper (or a belt sander)
- *dremel

(a drill press, zacto, belt sander and band saw but it could be done with the other tools)
<p>i feel bad for the dart tag blaster XD</p>
Very nice A+ for you/redwolf.
i saw that on youtube its cool
one&nbsp;of the most best m4 recon sopmods is at this site:&nbsp;nerfmodheadquarters.webs.com <br /> join the site its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just to let you know this topic is 2 years old, but i Have recently removed my M4 stock off.
How did you make the silencer on the Recon, and put on the stock, because I have an airsoft gun with&nbsp;a similar stock.
where'd you find a black mag? all i can find are the orange ones...
PAINT!! also thats a super clip mod, look it of on NerfHQ or NerfHaven
i know how to superclip.
Thats a very cool idea! I would do it if I had a Dart Tag gun! Nice job 5*s!

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