Picture of Nerf Recon/LS ammo holder
nerf grenade launcher 002.jpg
I Atempted to make a ammo holder like the one here
It turned out great so i decided to make step by step direction on how to make 1


This project compatibable with the longshot and can be done totaly with out a recon so dont fret LS owners

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- longshot or recon
- longshot front gun or recon barrel
- dart tag 8 round revolver
- screw driver
- hot glue

tools (* required)
- *Drill or drill press
- *1 1/2" drillbit
- *zacto balade or razor
- band saw
- sand paper (or a belt sander)
- *dremel

(a drill press, zacto, belt sander and band saw but it could be done with the other tools)

Step 2: Dissasembly

Picture of Dissasembly
nerf grenade launcher 006.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 007.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 008.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 009.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 010.jpg
Dissasemble dart tag blaster and recon barrel (or long shot front gun)

Step 3: Construction

Picture of Construction
nerf grenade launcher 012.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 011.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 015.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 016.jpg
follow images

pic 4 notice how it dosent fit i took a belt sander and sanded the sides of it to make it fit flush,
but i did not remove the 2 hooks on it

pic 5 sorry for the blur but when sandes down hot glue into place

******* plach a small bead of glue onto the spot shown but only when in allined with the smaller groove on the circle piece

Why the bead of glue?
well if you dont know y but its to cause friction to keep the atachment in place and not rotate and fall of by natrual movements. (on the recon barrel atachment there is a spring loaded pin that hooks into a grove into the gun...same concept)

Step 4: All done

Picture of all done
nerf grenade launcher 017.jpg
nerf grenade launcher 001.jpg
its taken 30 min to an hour to build and its now completed!!!
*Special thanks to
the dude who came up with it GO HIM
Hitman2274 years ago
Nice mod!
domo04 years ago
Very nice A+ for you/redwolf.
MAVREV135 years ago
i saw that on youtube its cool
lazyboy135 years ago
one of the most best m4 recon sopmods is at this site: nerfmodheadquarters.webs.com
join the site its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maxxxem (author)  lazyboy135 years ago
Just to let you know this topic is 2 years old, but i Have recently removed my M4 stock off.
Nerfgenius5 years ago
How did you make the silencer on the Recon, and put on the stock, because I have an airsoft gun with a similar stock.
where'd you find a black mag? all i can find are the orange ones...
maxxxem (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
PAINT!! also thats a super clip mod, look it of on NerfHQ or NerfHaven
i know how to superclip.
Vynash6 years ago
Thats a very cool idea! I would do it if I had a Dart Tag gun! Nice job 5*s!