Picture of refurbish a bike saddle with leather
Oddly if you want an hard bike saddle you have to spend more money than for a soft one... also leather saddles are very expensive.
In this instructable I'll show you how to refurbish an old saddle into a nice leather one, also very hard if you want...
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Step 1: The old saddle

Picture of the old saddle
The saddle had a synthetic upholstery, which was not so good regarding trousers consumption... since that material is rather sticky, and the friction on the trousers fabric is very high. So I wanted to change the covering into smooth leather.
The other reason to work on this saddle, other than its very bad condition, was to harden its surface. This could be very unusual, but I'm pretty sure that on long routes, soft saddles are not comfortable, maybe some cyclists will prove me right... 

Step 2: Removing the covering

Picture of removing the covering
Anyway, you obviously can leave the padding in place, and only substitute the synthetic covering with a leather upholstery.
With small pliers remove the metal staples and detach the covering.
If you want to keep the padding use a brush to wash and clean the surface, so to remove all the remained glue.

Step 3: And the padding

Picture of and the padding
Here you can see the three layers of my saddle. There was an inside foam padding, followed by a gel shape, and finally a thin soft fabric to keep the gel in place. Gel is very funny... it adheres on everything and it reminds me a small gel octopus I had when I was a child, you threw it on the wall and it descended with strange movies...
After removing the three layers you have to clean the plastic shell, I used a metal sponge and it works very good, with also the result to obtain a rough surface to better glue the leather.
hobbyman1 year ago
This is such a good job with a fantastic end result. I got the exact same saddle in the exact same condition and was planning to cover it leather like you do. Your instructable has just come on time. I need to find a suitable piece of thick cow leather now. I want it to be a bit strong and firm. My vote is for you. Thanks a lot.
andrea biffi (author)  hobbyman1 year ago
Hey your "matrix" lights are great!
Good luck with the saddle!
Nice work again Andrea ;) reminds me that i have a whole prepared cow hide for use to repair some of the interior of my Austin Ten.. But the leather seats have been used for almost 80 years ,and can last a bit longer I recon. And the tricky bit would be to Get that vintage look. As well as forming it,.. But everything is possible as we know ;) I might need some tip from you later
andrea biffi (author)  Kjetil Egeland1 year ago
All right, I'll try to improve my skills in time ;-)
Sfuzzz861 year ago
Great project! But I have to make a clarification, Collaprene is a NEOPRENIC glue (like classic Bostik), such as those used in shoemaking, and not a vynilic, like Vinavil. One thing to keep in mind when using these glues is that the bond is only as strong as the pressure you apply when you put the pieces together, you can use a rubber mallet or better some kind of weight to make a better bonding.
andrea biffi (author)  Sfuzzz861 year ago
Oh yes, you're right, I'll correct the step and add your advices too. Thanks!!
Mr.Sanchez1 year ago
So neat !! Thanks for share.Take a look to my leather bike saddle.
100_3903.JPGThe trooper.JPG
andrea biffi (author)  Mr.Sanchez1 year ago
woow awesome style!