well it started as a revolver. but I couldn't get the revolving mech down. so i tried a clip and it worked!

NEVER jams (if it does you built it wrong)
powerful (depends on your bands)
true trigger (I am a member of the Anti-Block Trigger alliance)
comfy foregrip

thing coming out of the clip

Step 1: Ramrod and Clip Pusher

just make 1 of each...
...so easy.

Step 2: Body

pic 1: build 2
pic 2: build 2
pic 3: gather 1 of each
pic 4: build 1 of each

Step 3: Puttn' It Together

pic 1: add the second layer
pic 2: add the third layer
pic 3: add the foregrip sides
pic 4: wrap a rubber band around the foregrip (so the foregrip sides don't fall of)

Step 4: Rubber Bands

pic 1:how the ramrod goes in & how the trigger's rubber band goes on
pic 2&3: how the clip rod's rubber band goes
pic 4: how the clip rod goes in
pic 5: how the clip rod's rubber band goes on the clip rod

Step 5: Killing Things for Dummes

look at box in the picture from (#1) to (#6).
Nice, looks great
It's pretty outdated. Also, when making a shooting gun, try to block the ram as far back as possible, and let it hit the ammo at its tip. That way, it has a lot of room to speed up, hitting the ammo with more power, thus resulting in a better range
thats what i did.
Well, the ram could be back a bit more, if you used a different trigger mech. Also, it pushes ammo out of the gun. <br>Let's compare the ram and ammo thing with billiards. <br>If you place your cue directly against the ball, and push it as fast / hard as possible, you may give the ball a decent speed. <br>However, if you place the ball, let's say, in the middle of the table, with the end of your cue on the side of the table. And then hit the ball, with a cue that already has quite some speed, and hit the ball at the end of it the cue's trajectory, you'll notice that the ball gets a way better speed. <br>This is the same with k'nex ram rods and ammo.
I didn't calibrate it towards power
I didn't say you did ;) <br>Anyway, you said in the description that it was powerful, and with the things I explained, you can make a next gun more powerful
<p>This is a long time in the future, I did not take your advice respectfully.</p><p>Bad 9 yr old Joe, BAD.</p>
jee, theres a first immpression

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