Remodel Your Car Interior





Introduction: Remodel Your Car Interior

i re did the interior of my 99 monte carlo with about $30. 2 cans of white primer, 2 cans of fire red spray pain, 2 yrds of red viynl and hot glue. i start out by taking the fabric panels off and then tracing the design of the panel on the viynl giving about 1.5" to 2" of fabric around the design to allow for stretching. Then hot glue a bit in the dead center of the panel and then lay the cut vinyl design in place then just pull the vinyl's sides to make it tight then pull over the edge of the panel and hot glue the edge of the vinyl to the back of the panel. and then with the plastic pieces just remove prime and paint.



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    All about that bass, about that bass! No treble! Seriously though nice job looks great and is very inspiring!

    pretty cool job re covering interior is my thing also check out my pic i recovered the top insert in green suede and the bottom in green suede with a tan suded insert in the middle. I also measured out the piece and used spray super strength adhesive to keep it on its a 95 bonneville let me know what u think


    very nice dude but y so many speakers

    How did you build the twin speaker baffle in the panel?

    its actually two parts the door panel and then the lower one . But i took it off and took a jig saw and cut the two holes, it a factory 5 inch speaker and a tweeter there sounded like crap so i had to put a creative touch to it

    Sorry, i don't quite understand.

    looks sick, i know i inserted the 6" speakers in the back panels myself. im re doing a 79 trans am right now and i will have to re do that interior.

    What city are u in maybe we can do a car together. I get a lot of cars that need to be redone all the time. I'm in the process of redoing my rear deck, but I will be fiber glassing it with 4 mids, and two monitors and also the door panels all over again. let me know

    I'm about to remodel the interior of my '89 Volvo 740 GL and I was wondering how many yards upholstery vinyl I would need to redo the seats?